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Google Chrome OS Flex Would Come To PCs, Macs

Google Chrome Os
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Google Chrome OS releases a new version of OS, Google Chrome OS Flex, to Macs and PCs.

Google has announced a new version of its Chrome OS, Chrome OS flex.

It would be available to businesses and schools and on Macbooks and PCs.

Describing it, it modernises the devices you already own.

In a blog post, Google described this Chrome OS and said it would look and feel identical to Chrome OS.

They would share a security code base and follow the same release cadence.

And you do not have to worry about the long process of installing the operating system.

It can be installed within minutes.

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The feature that it would come with depends on the system you are using.

Some features might appear on Mac, and you might not see them on PCs.

So if you are going to be installing the feature, make sure you check what it is all about.

Interestingly, this is not the first attempt of Google Chrome OS to launch one of its versions on devices that they are not initially on.

In the past, a transaction took place with Neverwase selling Cloud Ready, which allowed it to make conversions.

They converted PCs into Chrome OS systems.

Neverwase now Google owned is looking to integrate Cloud Ready into its system.

Google had said then, “we have been hard at work integrating the benefits of CloudReady into a new version of Chrome OS.”

Thinking of the future of Chrome OS in years to come, speculations are saying that they might click in the PC space.

Other things to know about Google Chrome OS Flex

You should know that the OS is still in its early stage, so it is prone to have bugs.

But you can test it through other means by installing it on a hard drive before carrying it to your laptop.

Also, there isn’t much information left on the new version of the OS, but you can get a feel of the version.

You can visit the Chrome Enterprise website to learn more about Google Chrome OS flex.

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