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Samsung TVs Will Now Be More Accessible To Those With Disabilities In 2021

Samsung has announced that it is developing new AIs to make its TV more accessible to those with hearing and vision disabilities.

The announcement was made at its first look TV event ahead of CES 2021, a yearly show named Consumer Electronics Show.

Samsung said it isn’t limiting itself to the hardware as it is innovatively working on new updates for its software.

These updates will enable its 2021 TV lineup to respond to sign language for those with disabilities, thereby making its TV more accessible to everyone.

Samsung added that this accessibility includes all its new products, with 2020 QLED and Neo QLED models, which will also come with new features.

One of its social contributors in Suwon, Byungho Kim, said during its release that; “we don’t want to exclude anyone, our technology is for everyone.

Some of its new features

Some of its accessibility features include moving captions to avoid blocking other text on a video, the ability to zoom in on a sign language feature to view better.

With the ability to zoom in on sign language and move captions, individuals can also invert colours on the menu.

However, this leaves the video how it is; but it makes those with a low vision clearly see the menu options.

Other features include the “SeeColours,” which allows those who are colour blind to see colours, and the “Learn Remote Control” feature, which tells the user each button on the remote.

The “Samsung Voice Guide” feature lets the TV read on-screen text and gives verbal feedback on volumes, channels, and programs.

With the features, Samsung said “It looks simple but to enable this technology, we had to start by re-engineering the chipset,” 

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David Clark, Director of Services for the UK’s Royal National Institute of Blind People, who also worked with Samsung on its new accessible features, said that the feedbacks got from its customers were very encouraging.

He also added that: “It is the first time that blind people and partly sighted people can use the whole of the smart TV independently.”

Samsung, the biggest TV company in the world, is making its lineup accessible to everyone.

And with the new features that come with it, people who fall into the category would be interested in buying their products.

However, with such great features comes a great price.

Samsung hasn’t unveiled the new TVs’ price; however, we know it would be costly.

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