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Accident As BRT Bus Collides With Train At Ikeja (Video): Full Story

Accident as BRT Bus collided with a speeding train at the level crossing in front of PWD, Shogunle axis,  Ikeja, Lagos state leaving at least three persons dead and many wounded.

Accident As BRT Bus Collides With Train At Ikeja (Video): Full Story

Accident as BRT Bus collided with a speeding train at the level crossing in front of PWD, Shogunle axis,  Ikeja, Lagos state leaving at least three persons dead and many wounded.

The narration of the incident by one of the passengers in the train said the BRT Bus driver was simply inpatient.

The Train:

According to the report, the train which left Agbado train station en route Oshodi train station started blaring its alarm long enough for the BRT Bus driver to wait.

Also, an eye witness who spoke in a video clip said, before the collision, a rail signaler flagged the BRT Bus driver  to stop and wait for the train to pass before he could continue.

However, the bus driver who was carrying government staff members, according to reports, was impatient and felt he could cross the level crossing before the train approaches.

The collision:

As the BRT Bus tried to cross with some few minutes delay, the speeding train slammed into the bus with a heavy impact.

It hit the bus in the middle region, squeezing the BRT bus while passengers sitting in the middle of the bus got the greatest impact.

The speeding train then dragged the bus from the level crossing at PWD to Shogunle before it finally stopped.

Rescue Response:

Concerned Nigerians who were at the scene of the incident rallied to rescue the passengers of both the bus and train who sustained injuries.

Also, the Lagos state accident response team stormed the scene to rescue the victims.

Both those injured and dead were taken to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) were the wounded are receiving treatments for varying degrees of injuries.

The BRT Bus Driver:

Meanwhile, search is still on for the driver who immediately escaped and ran away as soon as the collision occurred.

This would be a second fatal incident resulting from the recklessness of BRT Bus drivers in Lagos.

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Last year, a fatal incident involving a BRT Bus driver and a passenger occurred where a lady was kidnapped from a BRT Bus and later found dead.

Although the driver was later caught, the recent incident is yet to see the driver arrested.

How Train work:

Wondering why the train did not stop but slammed unto the BRT Bus? Well, its because the train does not break with the swift abruptness that a can can break.

Meanwhile, the wheels on each side of a train are connected with a metal rod called an axle.

This axle keeps the two train wheels moving together, both turning at the same speed when the train is moving.

Safety for cars and pedestrians while Train is coming:

1. Always yield the right of way to the train. The train cannot yield to you.

Most accidents involving a train and cars occur because the drivers think they can beat the train’s speed and cross before the train reaches them.

Always yield the right of way to the train. Allow it to pass before you cross even if you can beat the speed.

2. Never ignore active warnings at crossings from rail signalers.

The BRT Bus driver that got hit by train at Ikeja did not listen to the warnings of the rail signalers.

He ignored their warnings and his carelessness resulted in the accident that claimed at least three lives and wounded many.

3. Trains will arrive at a crossing faster than you anticipate.

Trains move faster than you think. They will arrive at the crossing faster than you anticipate. So, allow them to pass before you can cross.

4. Don’t get trapped on railroad crossings.

No matter how far the approaching train could be, don’t get trapped while crossing.

Don’t even get trapped even if there is no train coming yet.

5. Before you start crossing, ensure there is enough room for you to cross over completely:

Don’t start crossing a rail track if the other end has insufficient space for you to cross over safely.

6. When crossing has more than one track, don’t try to cross immediately after the end of the train passes — there may be another train approaching on the second track.

7. When running away from a vehicle stuck on tracks, run away from the tracks at an angle in the direction of the approaching train.

Safety tips while in train:

To avoid sustaining injuries while boarding trains, adhere to the followings:

Always pay attention to announcements made by the train crew.

Report any suspicious packages or behaviors immediately to the train crew.

Keep all of your belongings close at hand.

Keep all children under direct adult supervision.

Try to remain seated while the train is in motion.

Safest Part of a train during collision:

“The safest spot in a train, during an accident, is the center of the train,” said Mann.

Mann was the principal author of the Federal Railway Safety Act in 1970.

According to him, “Because if there is a front-end collision or a rear-end collision, the damages will be greater at those locations.

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