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How to Skip YouTube Ads So You Never See Them Again

how to skip YouTube ads
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You’re watching a Techuncode video on YouTube, and something shocking happens. You suddenly hear, “Wait! I know you’re about to watch a video right now, but this is for you…” Argh! That can be so annoying. It happens too often, but there’s a way to skip it altogether—time to figure out how to skip YouTube ads.

YouTube is unarguably the home of fantastic video content. You spend so much of your time watching different videos than you can even tell.

In watching all those videos, you spend almost the same time trying to skip ads.

A lot of the ads on YouTube today are unskippable. The option that lets you skip them is no longer available.

There’s a hack to put an end to the terror at once. Just follow the tips we’ll show you.

Share this article if it’s helpful. Don’t worry; the hack covers your smart tv, android, iPhone, and browser type.

Let’s figure out how to block YouTube ads, shall we?

How to skip YouTube ads on Smart TV

To block YouTube ads on Smart TV, all you have to do is;

1. Download Smart YouTube TV on your television.

2. Initiate the app and log in with your Google account. 

3. Play any video and enjoy life without ads. The app automatically kicks out any ad for you. 

NOTE: If you’re wondering how to block YouTube ads on firestick, the above steps apply.

How to skip YouTube ads on Chrome

Skipping ads in chrome is pretty straightforward. Simply;

1. Go to your Google Chrome and open the Chrome Web Store. 

2. Look out for Chrome extensions by searching for an adblocker. 

3. Tap ADD TO CHROME next to the extension.

4. Enjoy your ad-free life. The extension will automatically start to kick the ads out. 

How to skip YouTube ads on Firefox

If you use a Firefox browser, this is what you should do;

1. Initiate your browser and tap SETTINGS at the top right side.

2. Tap ADD-ONS

3. Search for AD BLOCKER and select your preferred extension. You will be able to block the ads at once. 

How to skip YouTube ads on Android and iOS devices

The best way to watch YouTube without ads is to use an ad block browser.

The browser is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Once this is done on your android device, your phone might still play the video in the YouTube app. To stop this;

1. Go to the SETTINGS on your phone.

2. Next, go to APPS.

3. Once in apps, click on ALL.

4. Navigate to YouTube.

5. Go to STORAGE.

6. Now tap CLEAR DATA.

Note that this will permanently delete all the apps’ data.

If you have an IOS device and use Safari, follow these steps;

1. Go to your phone’s settings and tap SAFARI.

2. Turn on BLOCK APPS.


Following these steps will automatically remove the ads in your YouTube videos.

In conclusion

The ads you see on YouTube are not a deliberate plot to get on your nerves.

They are just efforts from creators who are trying to monetise their content.

You viewing these ads is among their best bets to generate revenue.

The revenue generated can, in turn, help them grow their craft.

There is a way to support them while you get the ads out your face, though.

All you need to do is subscribe to YouTube Premium.

This way, you help the creators grow without having to watch those distracting ads.

Win-win, everybody wins!

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