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Are you looking at enhancing the visibility of your business?

Do you need professional video coverage and production for your events?

Are you worried that the timely reviews on your App/Gadget may not be seen by most of your audience?

Do you wish to tell compelling stories in form of content?

Setting the right brand awareness digitally is not just what we do, it is who we are!

Techuncode formerly Askifa, is an independent online media that has come to solve the negative perception of Africans and technology.

We have decided to see technology through the lens of SIMPLICITY.

Through our simplified content, media, and events, we will communicate everything about technology in such a SIMPLIFIED, interesting, fun, and relatable way such that it will inspire world-renowned technologically innovative solutions right from Africa!

We have on our website, an average daily visit of  30,000 interested readers from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and all over worldwide.

You can check out our Social Media Pages below.

For information about our various services, please check out the Techuncode Media Kit/Rate Card.

You can also contact our Marketing Department at for more enquiries.

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