Techuncode, formerly AskIfa, is an independent online media that has come to solve the negative perception of Africans and Technology.

All over the world, it is believed that Africans consume technology rather than invent. It is thought that most world-leading software and hardware solutions are primarily from other continents of the world. But this may be true, or maybe not true.

How can we change this narrative? Is there a gap in communicating our homemade technology innovations? Are there possibilities to achieve in Africa for Africans with Technology through a simplified and relatable technology platform?

We have taken the mantle to light up the path leading to a technological revolution for a continent hungry for possibilities.

So we have decided to see technology through the lens of SIMPLICITY. Through our content, media, and events, we will communicate everything about technology in such a SIMPLIFIED, interesting, fun, and relatable way such that it will inspire world-renowned technological innovative solutions right from Africa!

Techuncode Team

We will put our past and current Tech heroes in the spotlight as we create events, webinars, conversations around this.

Our goal is to inspire world-leading technology solutions in Africa through our simplified content.

The future is tech. Tech is simplicity. Simplicity is Techuncode.

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