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In line with its desire to be a global brand and one of the best media firms in the world, Techuncode (or the Company) hereby gives itself this ethics statement and same shall regulate its relationship with its staff and the general public.                  


To be among the best media firms in the world, by the next decade, and leverage on its global standing to positively change the dynamics of media relations while maintaining the highest possible ethical standard. 


To provide the best available services to our clients in a conducive environment while giving our staff the platform to optimize their potentials for their professional growth and that of the company. 


The Company shall at all times maintain its editorial independence, free from any external interference, and any decision to publish or take down a post shall be at its sole discretion. 


Our staffers may accept legitimate press trips, where the need arises. However, such press trips shall be declined where it runs contrary to our core values or creates a possibility of bias on the staffer or contributor. 


All content published on our website shall be original to our staffer or contributor. However, where reference is made to any content owned or previously published by a third party, the author of such content shall be adequately credited. 


Techuncode’s staffers and contributors shall behave in a professional manner at all times, and shall treat all visitors to the website with utmost courtesy. 


Techuncode may, from time to time, publish product-centric editorial articles and other content for the purpose of transparently making a profit off the purchase of the product by visitors to the website. 


Techuncode shall as much as possible ensure the accuracy of its publication. However, in the rare occasions where any inaccuracy is noticed in any publication, corrections will be made, at the Company’s sole discretion. Where we receive any update or feedback from visitors to the website on any alleged inaccuracies or breach of any third party’s right in our publication, such publication may be removed. However, any removal will be at our editorial discretion, upon receipt of advice from the legal team. 


Our platform shall accept contributions and articles of diverse opinions cutting across various spheres of life. Provided that such contributions, publications, and articles do not infringe on the legitimate sensitivity of other users. 


We shall review all content to be posted on our website (whether by staffers, contributors or other users) and may decline to publish same, where, in our sole discretion, such content affects the sensitivity of other users or is otherwise deemed, not suitable for publication, by our editorial team. 


Techuncode may, from time to time, advertise products on its website or share links to the advertised products. However, such advertisements shall be clearly marked, and there do not necessarily represent our views. However, where our editorial team supports or endorse a product, it will be clearly stated on our website. 


We may from time to time, publish branded content, for the purpose of driving engagement on the brand and creating brand recognition. These branded content are largely sponsored and prepared by the brands, and we bear no responsibility for any breach arising from the publication of such branded content. However, where we discover any inaccuracies in the branded content or our attention is drawn to any alleged inaccuracies or other infringements in the branded content, our editorial team, may, at its sole discretion, take steps to take down the branded content. 


We may publish sponsored content, where the editorial team deems it necessary to publish same. However, all sponsored content shall be tagged “sponsored”, and shall not infringe on third parties’ rights. We, however, commit to take down the sponsored content, in the event that the editorial team, at its sole discretion, deems same inaccurate or constitutes an infringement on any third party’s right. 


The Company may distribute content to online audiences or other audiences for the purpose of transparently making profit. In the event that such content being distributed was originally published on our website by a third party, the Company shall credit such third party in all distribution. 


Techuncode may, from time to time, publish promoted posts in its regular course of business. However, all such promoted posts shall be tagged “promoted” or ‘sponsored”, to enable users to easily identify that the post is promoted. The Company may equally publish licensed content from time to time. All licensed content shall be legitimately acquired and appropriately credited. 


The Company shall, as much as possible, adopt a conciliatory approach to resolving any dispute arising from the use of its website. However, where it becomes necessary to explore litigation, the company shall, as much as possible, take steps to protect other users of the website from being affected by the litigation process. 


In order to maintain editorial neutrality, our staffers are prohibited from directly receiving free gifts from users of the website. However, gifts may be passed across through the editorial team and the editorial team shall determine, on a case by case basis, whether it is appropriate for the said gift to be passed across to the particular staffer or returned to the user. 


We shall consistently maintain a policy of no hate speech on our platform, and our editorial team, shall from time to time, examine whether a publication constitutes hate speech. Any content deemed hate speech, by the editorial team, shall be taken down from the website. 


We will usually obtain our news, stories, or information from numerous sources. We are committed to protecting the source of our stories or content, especially where they do not desire to be named. However, all content, stories, and or publications received from our sources shall be verified before being published. 

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