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An itel Christmas: itel Grants The Wishes Of Fans, Promises A Better Life For All

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It’s the greatest holiday season of the year, a time of sharing, giving, and celebration. For itel, customer-centric brand and Africa’s number one smartphone brand under 100 dollars, it is the time to grant the wishes of customers for Christmas.

In early December, itel gave its online customers a blank cheque to ask for whatever they wanted for Christmas in the An itel Christmas online challenge.  And today, itel has granted those wishes at an event in Lagos, Nigeria. These fans wished for gifts like itel TVs, itel laptops, itel blenders, accessories, Christmas hampers, and even the itel S18 series- itel’s latest S series flagship smartphone. Hundreds of online followers made their wishes with almost 40 persons being selected as the finalists.

The surprise and joy from the finalists when they saw the range of itel Family products- itel S18 smartphones, itel televisions, the itel ABLE 1 laptop, itel blenders, and other products worth hundreds of thousands of naira that they had been given was an amazing thing to see.

Chioma Obinwa, a fan who had her wish for an itel S18 smartphone granted said; ‘I told itel my wish with the hope that it would be granted but it really happened, and my joy knows no bounds. Thank you so much, itel.’

Omo Olade, a fan who wished for an itel laptop and got it was full of gratitude. She said ‘I was saving up to buy an itel laptop for my coding training next month, but this was so unexpected. itel just helped me save and manage my expenses. Thank you itel.’

‘This is a big deal for me and my family. We really needed an itel blender. I truly appreciate itel for giving it to me (us).’, was what Adesirenioluwa had to say.

With ‘Enjoy Better Life’ as the brand’s slogan, itel has proven that taking care of their customers is what they do best.  We look forward to seeing more feats of care from the customer-centric brand in 2023.

See some more pictures from the fans:

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