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Best Wireless headphones under $150

best wireless headphones under$150

Let’s help you find the best wireless headphones under $150.

The demand for headphones has kept increasing, especially in the past year.

Headphones have slowly extended from using them to only listen to music but to other areas of life.

Infact, it has become a necessary tool for our day to day activities.

With the effect of the pandemic, many people work and school from home.

Headphones have been very useful in aiding the learning and communication process from home.

It helps to provide effective listening and also privacy from the noise going on around you.

You can receive calls without disruption or background noise through headphones with features like noise cancellation.

For those who love to keep fit, headphone helps them keep focus while exercising.

They can listen to their favourite podcast or music.

And if you are a music fanatic, then you know why a headphone is essential.

However, there are many headphones for you to select from.

Many companies keep producing headphones to meet the demand of people.

However, not every one of these headphones is good.

Some affordable headphones are dangerous to a person’s hearing; they can cause headaches, ear bleed, or ear fatigue.

However, not all affordable headphones produce quality sound, good battery life, great performance, and doesn’t cause any form of hearing damage.

Irrespective of the class of headphones, you should get something within your budget that fits perfectly for your day’s activities.

Are you looking to get an affordable headphone that ticks the box for yourself or someone?

It would help if you stayed glued.

We will guide you through your selection of the best wireless headphones under $150.

What are headphones?

Headphones are small speakers. They emulate sounds privately into the ears of an individual.

Headphones can come in a different forms, including around-the-ear, over the ear or in-ear headphones.

They enable a user to listen to sound privately without the sound emitting out.

Unlike speakers, It helps to provide some privacy for people.

While speakers emit sound loudly to the air that people within a radius can hear.

If you are using proper headphones, no one needs to know what you are listening to.

Why should you get a wireless headphones?

We know how annoying it can be with the wiring cable tangling and how disturbing it flows down your body.

However, using wireless headphones eradicates annoying moments like that.

You can move around the room without being disturbed.

Also, it encourages handsfree.

You do not always have to access your phone to change audio, control volumes or receive calls.

Most wireless headphone enables assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

And they also come with a noise reduction filter that helps you in your communication with others.

Things to consider while selecting the best wireless headphones under $150.

As many headphones fall under this category, however, what really makes the best headphone is when they can tick some boxes.

Below are some requirements that you should look out for in your selection process.

And these considerations also aided our selection of the best headphones under$150.


We assume you are here because you are looking for a headphone under $150.

So, the first criteria we considered were headphones under 150.

However, there are various headphones under this category; this might not be the proper criteria for the best wireless headphone under $150.

The price can only tick a box of the headphone under 150.


There are several forms of a headphone in which we had mentioned earlier.

We have the around the ear headphone, in-ear headphones on the ear headphone. Asides from these mentioned, there is also wireless and wired headphones.

Wireless headphones are mostly Bluetooth enabled headphones, and they do not have wires around them.

For wired headphones, they have a wired cable that is connected to your device for use.

However, not all wireless headphones don’t have wires. There are some wireless headphones with wire.

Since you are here, you probably are looking for a wireless headphone that is under 150.

Here is another box to tick in your selection process.

Battery life

Wireless headphones use WIFI connectivity or Bluetooth to connect to a device. And so they literally carry batteries that need charging in them.

Some of the batteries are long-lasting, while some are not.

We considered some headphones which have excellent battery life despite the price.


This deals majorly with what the headphone can do.

Does it come with a noise cancellation feature, encourages hand free, or gives a customized listening experience?

The above are some of the things we considered in our selection.

It is one thing to be affordable, but it should give its users the best listening performance.

There are several things to use to consider the performance of the headphone.

But majorly, it should have a clear and quality sound.

Sound quality

It would help if you considered a headphone with a sound that is not distorted.

Or a headphone that won’t cause hearing issues like hearing bleed, ear fatigue, or even headache.

So, when considering getting a headphone to buy, the headphone with good sound quality is something you should consider.

It would give you the best listening experience.


If you are the type that likes moving around, then you should consider lightweight headphones.

It enables you to move around with the headphone easier, and you can always use them anywhere.

You can always fold the headphone into your backpack or handbag.

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Best wireless headphones under $150

Here is our list of best wireless headphones under 150. They were selected based on the considerations above.

However, we want you to know that the headphones are arranged according to importance; they were randomly selected.

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones

best wireless headphones under 0

The headphone is one affordable headphone. You can get it for about $94.99.

It is one of the best wireless over-ear headphones and the best wireless headphones under $150.

You can use the headphone as long as you can.

It offers a big battery that lasts for about 40 hours of playtime.

And when it is low, it has a fast charge time that allows you to charge when the battery is down.

If you charge the headphone for 10 minutes, it can offer you about 4 hours of use.

It also features an adjustable sensory bass that allows you to adjust the bass however you like.

The amazing part of the headphone is that you can customize the headphone to fit your preference.

Using the app of the headphone, you can analyze how sound is delivered to your hearing.

And because people have different sound levels and you can optimize the headphone to fit your hearing sense.

Asides from some of the awesome performance of the headphone we listed above, the headphone has a stylish look.

It is designed with good and quality materials.

This makes the headphone durable and comfortable to wear for a long while.

If you are looking for multipurpose headphones, then you should consider getting SkullCandy.

It offers features that allow you to use it as a headset or a small speaker.

Also, a feature that allows for volume control.

If you misplace your headphone, it offers a tracking system in the app that allows you to track them.

Mixcder E9

The headphone comes with a premium look and at a very affordable price.

Because of the premium look of the headphone, you can’t easily know the price of the headphone.

You can get the headphone from any of the online stores for less than $100.

It comes in the colour black, and it is one of the best wireless headphones that you can find out here.

Use Bluetooth 4.0 to connect the headphone to your device; this makes it easier for you to move around to receive calls.

It is well built with control buttons on the headphone cup and an inbuilt microphone to communicate better.

You can put off and on the buttons, pair, adjust the volume, and turn on active noise cancellation.

Also on the headphone cup is a micro USB charging port and one aux port.

The headphone is designed with quality materials; the headband is made from metal, giving it a sturdy and strong feel.

Asides the headphone is built to be really comfortable as the ear cushions are being padded.

The ear cups of the headphone are rotatable and can be worn for long hours.

And if you do not like the fit of the headphone, you can adjust the headband to fit your head size.

However, even though the headphone has a sturdy feel, it doesn’t mean that it is heavy.

Mixcder can be flexible; it is easy to carry around by folding it.

With its active noise cancellation feature, it removes distractions during use.

The feature filter 97% of noise in an environment without affecting the audio quality of the headphone.

Also, with 40mm large driers, it produces an awesome sound quality.

You can use the headphone for up to 18 hours.

However, if the battery gets low, the headphone enables quick charge.

With 5 minutes of charge, you can get about 20 hours of playtime.

Also, with 1 hour, you can get a full charge.

Alongside the headphone, when bought includes SB charging cable, audio cable, airplane adapter.

Generally, the headphones are perfect for calls, meetings and they offer brilliant performance and amazing features.

And because of this, it is one of the best wireless headphones under $150.

Jabra Elite 45h

If you are looking for the best headphones on a budget, you should consider Jabra Elite 45h.

With less than $100, you can get superior sound with advanced 40mm speakers.

It has a good response rate with a 20Hz – 20KHz frequency.

One brilliant thing about the headphone is that you can customize and personalize with Jabra newest technology, MySound.

It allows you to select different music preset and an adjustable EQ.

Another brilliant thing about the headphone is that it offers 50 hours of battery life.

And so you do not have to worry about charging.

However, if you need them for a longer time, with just 15 minutes of charge, they would give 10 hours of playtime.

Asides from the amazing sound and battery life, the headphone is lightweight.

It can be folded, weighs 13.1 ounces, making it easy for you to carry around.

Also, the hearing foam is very soft, providing a comfortable hearing experience.

Wearing the headphone for many hours, you won’t even feel any form of discomfort.

The headphone is one of the best headphones for outdoor meetings.

Its wireless nature allows you to move freely without being bothered by a cable.

You can run, walk fast, dance and do other activities.

Also, it encourages multitasking and is hands-free.

You can receive calls and have a proper conversation while doing other stuff with the help of its two microphone call technology.

Assistant like Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa can be accessed directly through wireless headphones.

All you’ve got to do is touch a button.

However, just like it has its good side, Jabra Elite headphone also has its downside.

And we want you to know about this so you know what you can work with.

It doesn’t have a noise cancellation feature, and so noise leaks through the headphone.

Generally, it would be best if you got Jabra Elite as it is budget-friendly, has quality sound, durable and is very comfortable for phone calls.

It marks most of the necessary boxes of the best wireless headphones for under $150.

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Beats Solo3

The headphone is a high-performance headphone that gives you a brilliant listening experience.

It is one of the best wireless headphones under $150 that you can get.

Those who produce the headphone are known for producing headphones with excellent performance.

If you are looking for headphones for your Apple device as the original Apple products are expensive, you can get this one.

The headphone can be gotten in Apple’s store or online digital platforms.

Also, the headphone is compatible with Android devices.

Apple has developed a W1 technology that gives the best wireless technology.

Also, through the technology, it has a volume control system.

Over the headphone’s ear cup gives a comfortable fit and allows you to wear the headphone all day.

Asides, from the fit, the headphone has a beautiful and stylish design.

It is designed with quality materials giving you the best use.

For those looking for headphones for fun purposes, reviews of headphones have said that the headphone is good for the purpose.

It gives 40 hours of playtime and has a fast lighting charging system that allows you to charge in urgent situations.

And so you can use the headphone to play games or watch videos as long as you want.

Another amazing thing about the headphone is that it comes with noise cancellation feature.

The feature allows you to be able to ignore unnecessary sounds.

It also features a built-in- microphone and comes with sweat and fall resistance.

So, you do not have to worry about it getting spoilt when using it for a task that makes you sweat.

And if it falls, you do not have to worry so much about the headphone getting spoilt.

We like the headphone because of their great design, battery life and noise cancellation feature.

You can get the headphone on Amazon or any online store for less than $100.


beat wireless headphones under0

The company that produces the products are known for producing high-quality accessories.

And that is what made the headphone make it to our list of best wireless headphones under $150.

Although the price is almost $150, it still falls under $150 with a few numbers.

However, the price is one thing to consider, but another major thing is the headphone’s performance.

Is the headphone doing what it is supposed to do?

Yes, it is. The headphone is perfect for music fanatics.

If you are the type that enjoys listening to music, then the headphone would be best for you.

It offers an unbelievable sound quality.

Whichever type of sound you want to listen to, its mh4o delivers exceptional audio.

Also, it runs on a frequency ranging from 5 to 25000 Hz.

The way the headphone is designed, when listening to a song, it allows you to capture the details of the song.

Basically, the headphone has been engineered for a high-quality performance.

The headphone is made from exceptional materials, giving the headphone a premium look.

It is made of aluminium, stainless steel, and leather.

And so wearing it you look classy, and they give you a comfortable fit.

It comes in 10 different shades of colour, leaving you with the option of making a preference.

They also feature a removable earpad if it is old; you can always change to a new one.

It also has a built-in microphone that aids communication and a mute button.

With its noise isolation fit, it makes it difficult for you to hear the environment around him.

This might not be really good, especially if you are outdoor.

But still, it is good as you aren’t getting interrupted by the noise around.

When you get the headphone, it comes with a carrying case, and gold plated adaptor, a 2.0m standard cable 3.5/6.3mm, and a leather storage box.

And with its built-in mic, you can record sounds around you.

You can get the headphone from any online store or any digital store around you.


The headphone made it to our list of wireless headphones under 150 because of the amazing features it offers.

And so it is the best wireless headphone to get as it enables connectivity.

Connecting with the headphone, it uses the latest Bluetooth connection; Bluetooth 5.0.

So, you do not have to worry about cables running down your body or detangling.

Although the price is affordable, it comes with amazing features that make people want to buy it.

With the headphone, you can enable and disable noise cancellation.

If you need to be aware of your environment, the feature allows you to push a button to disable the feature.

Also, it reduces sound by 90% to enable you to focus on your work.

It comes with a built-in microphone that allows you to chat effectively with your loved ones, friends or colleague.

Also, you can speak properly during meetings if you happen to find yourself in a formal setting.

You can use it for long hours with hours of battery life.

The headphone offers 30 hours of battery use, and with only 2-3 hours, it gives a full charge.

However, with just 10 minutes charge, you can use it for 2 hours.

If you are listening to music, you can easily pause through the headphone.

Interestingly, the headphone can be used both wired and wireless.

So, if you feel like using the headphone as wired, it comes with a 3.5 Aux cable.

But it is encouraging to use it wireless so as you can access the microphone.

Asides other features and qualities mentioned, the headphone comes with brilliant sound quality.

It features 5 different music modes; rock classic, jazz, pop, and voice.

With 40mm, it gives amazing sounds that make it best for schooling or working from home.

The best part of the headphone is that it is multifunctional.

It can function as a radio, Mp3, a headset and can also be used as a small speaker.

As a speaker, you would need to insert an SD card and or connect through Bluetooth.

Speaking of the physical design of the headphone, it has a beautiful look.

And the headphone is built with quality materials.

Implications for you

The only way this piece would affect you is if you are actually looking for the best wireless headphones under $150.

If you are in that category, surely, our guide was of great help.

And you probably know what headphones to get by now.

However, if that’s not the case, you can always hold on to the names of the best wireless headphone until you are ready to get one.

Asides we want you to know every claim of the headphones is in no direct guarantee with Techuncode or the writer.

Though, we had selected carefully and precisely claims from online reviews.

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