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Bolt #Drive4WITech Returns To Create More Opportunities For Women

Bolt #Drive4WITech
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Bolt #Drive4WITech 2022 is here!

Bolt is looking to create more opportunities for women in tech.

There have been many constraints on women due to various factors in the industry.

Tech is seen as a male-dominated industry; however, women are beginning to take up roles.

Through the help of initiatives like #Drive4WITech, many more women can take roles in the industry.

They would have the opportunity to intern with Bolt.

And they would have access to top Bolt executives and young women across Africa, learning from them.

Bolt had launched the program in 2021 to improve overall gender equality in the mobility sector.

After its launch, it recorded success with a massive number of participants.

Also, at the end of the program, Bolt retained some interns for a full-time position in its company.

However, with its 2022 programs, Bolt plans to do more than it did in the previous year.

This aims further to bridge the gender gap in the technological sector.

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How to participate in #Drive4WITech

Bolt has urged Intending participants to fill out an online form to be part of this internship.

Also, they need to send a short video pitching to be part of the internship.

Bolt has said that the #Drive4WITech application will be open throughout March.

It would start its recruitment process in April; successful candidates would be announced in May.

While the program would run all through May and June for those selected.

Bolt has noted that all women can participate in the program regardless of their existing educational background.

The Country Manager for Bolt, Oludele Dare, commented on the initiative.

“At Bolt, we understand the importance of a diverse and inclusive society for development. We provide equal opportunity to members of our community and recognise some of the barriers limiting young women from breaking into tech.

“Hence, we created the #Drive4WITech programme to ensure capacity building for young women and create a gender balance for impact in the technology industry.

“The internship programme provides young women with little to no experience in tech but a desire to break into the sector a rare opportunity thrive in the field,”.

Implication for you reading

This is great news for any woman looking to upskill themself in tech.

Bolt #Drive4WITech is a great platform for more women looking to start in the tech industry.

They would be trained on several tech skills and other related skills.

And the good part is regardless of your background; you can get selected by Bolt to intern with them.

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