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Canada Grants Visa-Free Travel To Two African Countries, 11 Others

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Canada granted Visa-free travel to two African countries in the country’s new permissions. See the countries here and why…

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Canada granted Visa-free travel to two African countries in the country’s new permissions.

The most-travelled destination for many immigrants, especially from Africa, extended the visa free travel entry to 13 more countries spread across Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Citizens from these countries, which now total 63, including the USA, can visit Canada without applying for a visa.

The move is aimed at promoting leisure and business trips to Canada.

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Canada has expanded visa free travel to Morocco and Seychelles.

However Nigeria, the most populous and significant country in Africa excluded from this list.

The exclusion of Nigeria may seem surprising, given its size and influence on the continent.

The countries that are now part of Canada’s visa-free entry by Air program include:

1. Morocco (Africa)
2. Seychelles (Africa)
3. Antigua and Barbuda (America)
4. St Lucia (America)
5. Trinidad and Tobago (America)
6. St Kitts-Nevis (America)
7. Panama (America)
8. Argentina (America)
9. Costa Rica (America)
10. Uruguay (America)
11. St. Vincent and the Grenadines (America)
12. Thailand (Asia)
13. Philippines (Asia)

Why Canada Added African Countries: Morocco And Seychelles

Adding Morocco from North Africa and Seychelles from East Africa shows Canada’s wish to grow its relationship with Africa.

Sean Fraser, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship said, “We expanded the electronic travel authorization, or eTA program, to let ‘known travelers’ from these countries visit Canada for fun and business.”

Fraser highlighted that travelers from the listed countries will enjoy easy and cheaper trips.

He said that making the visa-free list bigger will not only help travelers, but will also boost travel, tourism, and business, as well as strengthen global bonds with these 13 countries.

Currently, a visitor visa costs only $100 per person and $500 for a family of five or more.

In comparison, an eTA costs just $7 per person and is good for up to five years.

Canada’s Express Entry Visa for Certain Jobs:

Meanwhile, Canada has released a list of jobs that will get priority for the Express Entry visa.

This list includes teaching and plumbing, among several other professions.

This move is meant to meet the needs of the job market and fill gaps in these professions. Skilled foreign workers in these priority job areas have a better chance of getting a visa through the Express Entry system.

Top 10 Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2023/2024

It’s no secret that Canada provides work visa sponsorship for individuals looking to relocate, whether as a skilled or unskilled worker.

Imagine moving to Canada with your family on a job-sponsored visa, enjoying the country’s excellent healthcare system and work-life balance.

Here is a list of jobs you ca get in Canada:

1. Healthcare or Caregiver Jobs
2. Housekeeper or Cleaning Jobs
3. Hotel Worker Jobs
4. Chef or Cook Jobs
5. Driver Jobs
6. Cashier Jobs
7. Receptionist Jobs
7. Farm Jobs
8. Factory Worker Jobs
9. General Laborer Jobs
10. Hotel Worker Jobs.

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