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Charli D’Amelio Becomes First TikTok User To Hit 100million Followers

Chris D'Amelio hits 100 million users on TikTok
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It’s a blend of many firsts as Charli D’Amelio becomes the first person to hit the 100million TikTok followers mark.

She sits in this position conveniently and without any fears of being overthrown.

Why? There are only two other creators who have managed to cross the 50million mark on the platform. Therefore, her lead is a tough one to catch up with.

Although, if this year has thought us anything, it’s that anything can happen in a short time.

Elon Musk did move up the richest man leader board twice this year. And, he kicked Mark Zuckerberg out of his seat within weeks of his first move up. 

Currently, on TikTok, Charli is two times bigger than Will Smith and three times the size of The Rock.

She’s also four times the size of Selena Gomez and five times bigger than Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner.

By now you’re starting to realise how much of a big deal Charli has become. 

Charli smashed some records

Charli achieved this feat in record time. In the history of social media, YouTube inclusive, no one has ever reached the 100million mark in such a short time.

As we recall, it took over 14 years before any YouTube channel got 100million subscribers. This is shocking because D’Amelio started posting to TikTok in May of last year (2019).

The app itself has only been available – with its current name – for roughly two years. 

Charli seems to be moving on

Surprisingly, Charli doesn’t seem to be settling on her massive TikTok following.

Recently, she launched a podcast, announced a new book, and is expanding further into YouTube.

That’s a list of few things, among others, that she – and her family – have been up to lately. 

Charlie and Dixie's podcast

It’s somewhat like a trend among creators. Hence, it didn’t come to us at Techuncode as a shocker.

Creators expand to other platforms as soon as they find success on one. It’s just the way life works.

Investors diversify their funds into other businesses after they succeed at one. We all want more out of life after one success, and that’s not an anomaly.

For creators, expanding allows them to fulfil their dreams of reaching more people with their creative content. And just like with investors, it’s the perfect way to secure oneself against unexpected events that might lead to a crash on one platform.

In some cases, it might also – ultimately – be about the returns. That brings us to TikTok’s pay-out. 

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TikTok’s pay-out have not been very impressive  

Recently, TikTok started paying creators. When TikTok made known its intention to kick-off with the payments, creators were utterly delighted.

However, since TikTok started paying, creators have aired several complaints. Comments on social media reveal that creators only earn a few dollars a day.

That is despite racking up tens or hundreds of thousands of views.

TikTok’s silence on how pay-outs are being calculated has left creators to speculations or conclusions.

And, in many cases, such findings could mean jumping ship or simply expanding territories. 

Dixie D'Amelio had a chart topping debut single

The family has quickly made a name for themselves on several digital platforms.

Charli’s sister, Dixie, released her debut single early this year. The song bagged a spot on Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart.

Currently, Dixie’s debut music video has racked up more than a 92million views on YouTube alone.

Charli and Dixie have started a podcast together. Also, we’ve seen them try out traditional YouTube formats.

Hopefully, Charli’s book will hit the shelves sometime next month.

It’s not just the girls but their parents too

The D'Amelio Crew

The D’Amelio family has accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and, of course, TikTok.

Both parents, Heidi and Marc, are prominent faces on these accounts.

Also, they both have their distinct accounts on each of the above mentioned social media platform. Triller bought Charli over to its platform.

When that happened, it brought the whole family along with her. This showed how valuable their contents are as individuals and as a group.

Surprisingly, as of this time last year, Charli had barely over 6 million followers on TikTok. This year, the pandemic facilitated an unprecedented surge of fans for her and TikTok alike.

TikTok, however, did face some daunting challenges this year with the Trump administration. Hopefully, it’d scale through completely. But, in case it doesn’t, Charli and her family already have their other foot on safe land.  

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