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Check Out Google’s New Gmail Interface

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You probably are unaware of the new Google Gmail interface; well, you should check it out.

Google Gmail
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You probably are unaware of the new Google Gmail interface; well, you should check it out. Google has said it will release its new user interface to more users. This will grant them access to Google suites which include Meet, Chat, and Spaces.

As of yesterday, accounts have been switched from the former Gmail outlook to a new view. Yes! This is a default setting that Google has enabled, so don’t be shocked.

However, the change is not so huge, but it would make things easier for the working class. As Google plans to grow its platform, it also considers the comfortability of its users. That’s what weaving its Google Suite platform becomes.

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Here are some of the changes that might not be so noticeable.

The updated user interface has a button for the Google Meet, mail, Spaces and Chats. In an image by the verge, the buttons are shown at the top left in a list form instead of showing one conversation by time.

However, this doesn’t make it less accessible for users. The update allows that everything doesn’t appear on the screen at once to make the interface look less rowdy.

Now to use any of the platforms, you would move your mouse over a button which will pop out the list. Then you can choose the platform you want to engage on.

This also makes you access a platform alone on the screen.

There are also choices for you to make. Google says that a user can now decide to switch back to their former interface. They can also choose the platforms they want to be included in the list.

Google did not tie the opt-in, back-out feature to a timeline. However, it mentioned that the rollout would be an extended one. Which means it can take days, weeks, or months.

Google has not paused the extent of releases and updates coming to its platform. It further toughening the competition for platforms like Microsoft Office, which offers similar services.

Implication for you reading

You might have noticed the new outlook by now. And if you haven’t, check again.

We have highlighted some of the changes Google made to its Gmail.

Also, don’t forget to share with us in the comment section what you think about this update.

Does it compete more with Office with the changes?

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