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Differences Between Twitter And Threads

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Threads and Twitter, though similar in terms of user interface, have huge differences.

Differences Between Threads And Twitter
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Twitter and Threads, though similar in terms of user interface, have huge differences.

Many people have described Threads as “Twitter’s Killer.”

This is even looking so as Threads has raked in over 30 million users in less than one day.

Meanwhile, following Mark Zuckerberg’s launch of Threads, a social media platform to rival Twitter, Elon Musk has reacted.

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Elon and his company, Twitter, have said they would sue Meta and Threads for cheating.

The Twitter CEO tweeted accusing Threads of copying Twitter.

However, is he right? Did Threads copy Twitter’s UI and UX?

Let’s see the differences between Threads and Twitter:

key Differences Between Threads And Twitter:

1. Character Limit: Threads (500 character counts) Vs Twitter (280 character counts):

Meta has confirmed that Threads will give users a 500-character count limit. On the other hand, unverified Twitter users have a maximum of 280 characters.

Also, a verified Instagram account can keep their blue badge on Threads. Twitter, meanwhile, offers that feature for $8 a month.

The payment will also help subscribers increase their character limit to 25,000.

Meta has so far not provided any such option.

2. Verification Tick (Free For Threads) Vs Paid For For Twitter:

To have a verification tick on accounts, users will pay $8 dollars a month to retain their Blue tick verification on Twitter.

Conversely, users don’t have to pay to have their handles verified again on Threads if their handles are already verified on Instagram.

3.Threads Requires Instagram Account to sign up Vs Twitter Requires Email Account to signup:

Threads will require users to have an Instagram account.

When creating a profile, the app will give an option to import bio information and followers from an existing Instagram profile.

This will act in favour of Threads as it will give access to Instagram’s large existing userbase.

Conversely, Twitter requires Email Account to sign up.

4. Post Durations: Threads (Five minutes) Vs Twitter (Two Minutes and 20 seconds):

On Threads, users (including the unverified ones) will be able to post videos that are five minutes long.

On Twitter, those without the coveted blue badge can post two minutes 20 second long videos.

5. Trending Issues: Twitter (Shows Trends on Homepage: Vs Threads (Scroll Through Feeds):

Twitter’s homepage allows users to view what’s trending and other topics they may be interested in.

For now, the only way to explore what’s on Threads is by scrolling through the home feed.

6. Save Drafts of Posts: Threads (No Drafts Saving Option Yet) Vs Twitter (Has Saving Drafts Option):

As of Wednesday’s launch, Threads did not appear to have an option to save draft of posts, unlike Twitter where this feature is already present.

7. No Ads On Threads Yet Vs Ads on Twitter:

Finally, Threads has launched without ads. According to Bloomberg, this has been done to get as many people excited about the product as possible.

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