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Facebook Updates Messenger Logo, Chat Themes

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Facebook Updates Its Messenger Logo And Chat Themes

Facebook has updated its messenger logo along with its chat themes.

The feature will only be available on its updated version.

The new logo is a lot more colourful than the previous one.

Facebook mentioned that the process of creating a new logo is in line with ongoing changes.

According to the company, it reflects new dynamic changes. It also makes way for users to better communicate with who they please.

What else is new?

Facebook Updates Its Messenger Logo And Chat Themes

Image: Facebook

Additionally, asides from the new logo, Facebook Messenger has put in other changes/features on the platform.

The changes create an avenue for users to watch videos with their friends. There’s also Instagram integration.

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That’s not all

Along with the new logo, Messenger also welcomed new chat themes.

This feature will add more colours to messaging and chat life.

However, that’s not where it ends. More new features will be made available on the platform.

It is ex[ected to see new selfie stickers and vanish mode.

What the Vanish mode does is that it makes it possible to set the app to delete specific messages automatically, based on the time frame set for it.


The selfie sticker feature began on Instagram’s direct messages, as well as the Vanish mode.

Facebook also added quite a number of several Messenger-like features to Instagram.

Instagram is most likely to receive a number of these features before Messenger.

To sum it up, there’ll also be a cross-app communication with both Facebook and Instagram.

However, it’ll be mostly available to users in North America.

Hopefully, it’ll be rolled out for everyone to have access to it in time.


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