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Flutterwave Graduate Trainee Program Marks 85% Retention Rate, Forging New Pathways in the Tech Industry

Flutterwave logo - a symbol of nurturing young tech aspirants through the successful Flutterwave Graduate Trainee Program.

Flutterwave logo - a symbol of nurturing young tech aspirants through the successful Flutterwave Graduate Trainee Program.

Today marks a monumental milestone in the lives of numerous young talents as Flutterwave, Africa’s vanguard payments technology company, proudly discloses the successful employment of almost 85% of participants from its inaugural Flutterwave Graduate Trainee Program. This move is not just a testimony to Flutterwave’s pivotal role in cultivating nascent talent but also stands as a testament to its commitment to paving robust career growth paths in technology.

Highlighting the 85% Retention Rate of Flutterwave Graduate Trainee Program

Launched in August 2022, the Flutterwave Graduate Trainee Program has manifested as a fertile ground nurturing vibrant young talents into industry-ready professionals. The program proudly welcomes over 170 graduate trainees, transforming them from novices to adept individuals ready to spearhead projects as analysts and Engineer 1s, emphasizing an astounding 85% retention rate.

The Blueprint to Success

Crafted meticulously to cater to the novel needs of recent graduates, the program is a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience, empowering the trainees to adapt and excel in a dynamic global organization boasting a workforce of over 750 individuals globally. Moreover, the program showcased Flutterwave’s commitment to nurturing young talents, aligning perfectly with National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) obligations.

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From #RookiestoPro: Celebrating Achievements

Marking the conclusion of this intensive year-long journey, a grand #RookiestoPro graduation ceremony was organized, acknowledging the trainees’ hard work and the skills honed over the period. The event transitioned them from learners to professionals, unlocking new doors of opportunities in the ever growing tech landscape.

Flutterwave Leadership on the Program’s Impact

In a vibrant event in Lagos, Flutterwave’s top tier emphasized the unprecedented growth trajectory facilitated through the program. Mansi Babyloni, Flutterwave’s Global Chief People Officer, underscored the unlimited avenues opening for these budding professionals. Meanwhile, Bode Abifarin heralded the beginning of promising careers sculpted through diligent mentoring and training, underscoring the mission to create a world of endless opportunities.

As Flutterwave stands on the verge of pioneering a transformative trajectory for career growth in technology, the words of Bode Abifarin, the Chief Operating Officer of Flutterwave, resound with promise and anticipation. He extended gratitude towards all the pillars of this successful endeavor — the dedicated People Team and the Graduate Trainee Managers, who have been the architects of growth for the trainees, molding them from rookies to professionals ready to delve deep into the realms of technology. The Flutterwave Graduate Trainee Program has not just facilitated careers; it has birthed visions, and instilled a firm belief in the trainees, encouraging them to dream without boundaries, to aspire without limits, and to forge paths laden with endless possibilities

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