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Google Equips Nigerian Youth with AI, Data Skills Via Training Initiative

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Google is launching a major initiative to enhance digital skills, employment prospects, and entrepreneurship growth in Nigeria. The tech giant plans to provide digital skills training to 20,000 Nigerian women and youth through a program funded by its philanthropic arm. This effort aligns with the Nigerian government’s goal of increasing youth participation in the digital economy.

The core objective is to tackle youth unemployment by equipping participants with essential digital competencies demanded by the modern job market. Key focus areas include artificial intelligence, data analytics, digital marketing, and other specialized domains. Google has existing programs like “Grow with Google in Africa” that partner with governments and industry experts across the continent to uplift digital proficiency.

Additionally, Google has committed a grant of around $1.6 million to support the Nigerian government’s ambition of creating one million digital job opportunities within the country. The overarching mission is to empower Nigerian youth and women by imparting relevant technological skills for career advancement and entrepreneurial success in the digital era.

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