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Here Are 5 Best Virtual Dollar Cards In Nigeria For 2022

virtual dollar cards
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Many Nigerians have been wondering about a way forward with the news of the suspension of virtual dollar cards from Barter by Flutterwave and other beneficiaries’ platforms. Are you looking for a virtual dollar card platform as an alternate? Or do you plan to have one? Then it would be best if you kept reading this article. We will show you five platforms in Nigeria that offer virtual dollar cards for your transactions.

What you should know about virtual dollar cards

Virtual dollar cards are used to make purchases online, especially for international service providers conveniently. Some service providers include Apple Music, Spotify, Netflix, Facebook Ad, Amazon, etc. Making these transactions might not be easy if a card is issued in naira.

Another thing is that they can use the card to avoid the limits placed by traditional banks in Nigeria. Some banks in Nigeria set the limit of international transactions to about $100.

A virtual dollar card, like the term virtual signifies, means an online card, usually found within an app. And this also makes it easy to obtain, unlike physical debit cards.

A virtual dollar card works similar to a prepaid card. It has to be reloaded from your bank account or card. And this warrants a small fee every time you do so asides from the small fee you have to pay monthly. However, this benefit is that you are spared any charges whenever you make an international transaction with the dollar card.

Vbank Verve

Vbank offers its Verve which people can use to pay for their transactions online.

However, compared to other virtual dollar platforms in this list, there is a limitation.

The Verve cannot be used for every online transaction. It has selected transactions it can be used for.


This is another fintech company in Nigeria offering its users a wide range of services, including the virtual dollar card. It provides its services to both individuals and businesses.

The company aims to allow users to make transactions online without barriers and enjoy seamlessness, convenience, flexibility, safety and security.

It is easy to use Fundall; all you need is to fill in your biodata, link to a bank account and your BVN. Also, users have a minimum load of $5.

Chipper Cash virtual dollar card

Chipper cash makes sending and receiving money across and beyond Africa easy and accessible, especially across Africa.

Like other virtual dollar cards, they enable low or no transfer charges.

Users can sign up on Chipper cash with their biodata, linking their cards and providing a means of identification.

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This is a product created by Raenest, a digital platform for those in the Gig economy. It provides virtual cards for users to make transactions online, like paying to use some platforms or shop.

Using Geegpay would help users avoid the limitations banks in the country put in place. Here are some things that you should know while signing up on Geegpay. You will need to fill in biodata, link to your bank account, and then a means of identification.

Wallet Africa Virtual Dollar Card

The platform provides physical and virtual dollar cards that a person can use to make transactions online. The card, the Magic Visa card, is issued by UBA, a traditional bank in Nigeria.

The good side of using the platform is that you have options; you aren’t only limited to online transactions in dollars but also offline. And this makes it good for those that would be travelling.

However, getting the dollar card from this platform will come with a monthly $1 fee and $0.75 when foreign transactions are made. Also, if a persons load the dollar card from an external account, the fee would be 2%.

To register on the platform, you fill in your biodata, BVN, and a means of identification (International passport, National Identification document, Driver’s licence or Voter’s card.).

Implication for those reading

We hope the five virtual dollar bank platforms above are helpful to you.

However, if you need clarification, please share it in the comment section.

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