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Hilda Baci Vs Dammy: See Other Guinness World Record Titles You Can Break

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Now that breaking Guinness World Record (GWR) has become the buzz word in Nigeria after Hilda Baci tried to break the record for longest cooking hours, we bring you other cool titles you can try to clinch.

Hilda Baci: See Other Guinness World Record Titles You Can Break
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By Anthony Chinonso Ogbonna


Now that breaking Guinness World Record (GWR) has become the buzz word in Nigeria after Hilda Baci tried to break the record for longest cooking hours, we bring you other cool titles you can try to clinch.

Before that, another Nigerian, a digital artist, Oyinlola, has announced that she will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the longest painting marathon.

Meanwhile, not only has she announced her intention to embark on the chase but also said Guinness World Record has confirmed her plans to embark on the chase.

Moreover, it is no longer news that another Nigerian, a chef from Ekiti state, Damilola Adeparusi has thrown in the gauntlet to dethrone Hilda Baci and clinch the longest cooking hours record done by a chef.

This is even as the Guinness World Record is yet to crown Hilda with the title after the Akwa Ibom chef made name for herself for breaking a 100-hour cook-a-thon record.

While Nigerians still await the final decision from GWR on Baci’s fate, Damiulola from Ekiti is already almost trying to abort Baci’s dreams of getting the title.

Damilola is cooking for 120 hours to overthrow Hilda Baci.

Meanwhile, the entrant of the Ekiti state chef in the GWR title tussle has sparked mixed reactions from Nigerians.

While many are criticising the chef for not allowing Baci officially get and enjoy the title before trying to dethrone her, others say she has the right to break the record from Baci.

Those against Damilola say she should have looked for another title to break insead of going for cooking challenge to dethrone Hilda Baci.

However, those in support of her say she has the same right as Baci who dethroned an Indian chef who originally held that title.

See tweets below:

Other Guinness World Record Titles To try apart from Cookerthon:

Now that breaking the GWR for the longest hours of cooking seems to be raising originality dust among Nigerians, here are some other GWR titles you can try to be “Original” as claimed by some quarters.

1. Fastest Time To Reach One Million Followers On Twitter or Other Social Media Platforms:

If you are miffed or think that overthrowing Baci or Damilola is not original, then you can try this title.

You can try to beat Caitlyn Jenner (USA) to become the GWR holder of the title of the fastest person to reach one million followers on Twitter.

Jenner clinched that title on 1 June 2015.

Caitlyn Jenner broke the record for the fastest time to reach one million followers on Twitter in 4 hours 3 minutes.

The first tweet on Caitlyn’s page was at 12:17pm EST and the account hit 1 M followers at 4:20pm EST.

So, you can also try to break that, especially if you are a celebrity.

This is a challenge to @burnaboy, @wizkidayo, @davido, @TiwaSavage, @temsbaby, @DONJAZZY, @fireboydml, @portablebaeby, @rudeboypsquare, @PeterPsquare and many others.

2. Most Views For A Cat or other pets:

Why not? If you have a cat, you can clinch the coveted title by making people view your cat more than the existing record helder.

Right now, that title is being held by a USA  ragdoll named Puff.

Puff has a YouTube Channel called “That Little Puff.”  The YouTube channel had 8.7 million subscribers as of 21 April 2022.

The Cat garnered about 7,532,180,184 views on his YouTube channel “That Little Puff” as of the same date. The owner of the cat is Lynch Zhang (USA) also known as “Chef Puff.”

In Nigeria, we have people who rear cattle, have goat pens, Rabbit cunicultures, Dogs and other pets. You can open a YouTube Channel for them and try to get most views or likes.

3. Most Subscribed Female Game Broadcaster:

Why not try to break the record from iHasCupquake, aka Tiffany Herrera from Los Angeles, USA who had 5,461,793 subscribers to her games channel as of 29 March 2017.

She is a “true geek” who loves to “make people smile.”

As of the same date, she also held the record for most viewed female games broadcaster on YouTube, with 2,132,895,223 views.

According to GWR, “Her channel emphasises her gaming adventures – including Minecraft and Overwatch, whose tank hero D.Va she recreated for a Gamer’s Edition photoshoot.”

4: Most Instagrammed City:

Why not signup an Instagram Account to promote a city in Nigeria and try to beat New York off that title?

Currently, New York holds the title for the most Instagrammed city in the world, followed by Russian capital Moscow and London, UK, coming third place.

As of December 2017, New York City, USA, became the most popular city on Instagram.

Coming 4th to 10th positions were São Paulo in Brazil (4th) Paris in France; Los Angeles, California in USA (6h) Saint Petersburg, Russia as 7th; Jakarta, Indonesia (8th);  Istanbul, Turkey (9th) and Barcelona, Spain (10th).

Nigerian cities like Ajegunle, too can decide to overthrow these cities! Are you doubting it? Its Possible. Just try it first and see.

5. Longest Painting Marathon:

Good a thing, a Nigerian has chosen to break this record.

A digital artist, Oyinlola has said she would be throwing in the gauntlet to break this record as the longest painting by a human ever recorded.

Guinness Word Record has also acknowledged the chase by sending Oyinlola an email that reads thus:

“Hello Oyinlola, We are pleased to inform you that your application has been accepted under the following title: Longest painting marathon.

“When you visit your online Application Summary using this link, http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/account/applications/1187111 you will be able to view both the details of the current record to beat (or minimum requirement for an open record title) and the Record Guidelines for this record title.:

Onyinlola had earlier tweeted thus:

“I’m thrilled to announce that Guinness World Records has given me the green light for the longest painting marathon! On October 28-30th 2023, I’ll embark on an incredible journey of creativity and endurance.

“Join me in breaking boundaries, unleashing imagination, and setting a new record! But I can’t do it alone. I’m seeking sponsors to help make this historic event possible. By supporting me, you’ll not only be part of a record-breaking achievement but also contribute to the promotion of art and creativity worldwide.”

Other GWR title ideas to explore:

  1. Most Subscribed chef on YouTube
  2. Most Subscribed Dancer/dancing group on TikTok
  3. Most Followed Skit Maker
  4. Longest Hours of Video Game playing
  5. Longest Computer codes/hours of coding
  6. Shortest Code to stop phishing attack
  7. etc.

How to set or break a Guinness World Record:

You may be wondering the processes to follow and break a new Guinness World Record for yourself?

If you are considering any of the record ideas above, like the “Shortest Code to stop Phishing attacks,” then we’ve got you covered! Here are steps you need to take:

First, know that becoming a record-holder requires determination, extraordinary skills and commitment.

According to GWR, “before applying for an existing record, check the current information and make sure you’ve got what it takes to break the record.”

“If you are suggesting a new record idea, we recommend that you spend some time searching our current records to see what may already have been achieved in your area of expertise.

“Every newly approved record idea has to be significantly different from existing records and demonstrate a completely new skill.

“Being the first to suggest a record does not immediately qualify for acceptance, with around 60% of applications for new records being rejected.

“However, we are always looking for new exciting ideas to reflect the world’s diversity.”

So, that said, check out steps you need to know and follow:

  1. Explore the world records database thoroughly.

    Make sure you check GWR’s database to know GWR’s record breaking criteria and policies.

    2. Choose a world record to attempt:

    Suggest one in your mind or choose any one in the data base.

    3. Apply and wait to receive the guidelines:

    After choosing one title, apply and wait for the guidelines to pursue it.

    Expect reply from GWR from 12 Weeks at least if your idea is not approved.

    4. Understand the requirements and evidence needed for the attempt:

    GWR will give you access to what it calls “Guide To Your Evidence” that explains in details how to clinch the world record.

    5. Practise, practise, practise…

    Yes, its not just about registring. You have to practice hard to attain the feat otherwise, you won’t hit the jackpot.

    6. Carry out your official world record attempt:

    After much practices, you can then attempt breaking the record officially.

    “Arrange the presence of the independent witnesses and any other specialists required.

    “You must also make sure a photographer and videographer are there to document your attempt.

    “Be sure to check the current record you need to beat in case it’s been broken, then attempt the record and have fun!”

    7. Submit your evidence, cover letter and all other required documents

    After the attempt, you then have to submit your evidence and other required documents. You will also submit a cover letter to GWR.

    “More than 50% of submissions are rejected because the evidence is insufficient. ”

    Note that it takes up to 12 weeks for GWR team to conclude on your evidence.

    8. The moment of truth!

    If you are successful, then your moment of truth is when GWR announces you hit the jackpot.

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