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How itel Mobile Surprised Diehard Olamide Fan: Itel Mobile Surprises Diehard Olamide Fan With Olamide Himself

How itel Mobile Surprised Diehard Olamide Fan
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Dreams do come true.

This famous saying, perhaps, still runs through the minds of Omodasolami Babarinde and her boyfriend Rowland Babajide.

For them, the 5th of September 2020, is one date they will remember for years.

On that historic day, Omodasolami, a diehard fan of pop star and brand ambassador for itel Mobile, Olamide got a rare privilege to meet and share some words with the celebrated hitmaker.

And itel Mobile made sure that the meeting was a memorable one for all.

When Omodasolami’s boyfriend requested what she wanted for her next birthday, she raised an almost impossible wish: having Olamide at their residence.

Because Omodasolami felt this wouldn’t happen, it was easy for her to pass the wish off as a joke.

But her boyfriend would have none of that

Rowland made sure to make a slide into Olamide’s DM on Instagram, with the request from Omodasolami.

How itel Mobile Surprised Diehard Olamide Fan

Taken aback by the love-themed gesture, Omodasolami posted the DM on Twitter, and tagged Olamide in the process, with the hope that her dream would become a reality.

How itel Mobile Surprised Diehard Olamide Fan

Within 48 hours, luck smiled on Omodasolami as itel Mobile caught interest in the tweet.

From then on, the brand rolled out preparations to make her dream come true.

As of September 2, the tweet (her tweet on meeting Olamide) had received over 2k retweets and likes.

It was a pleasant surprise when itel Mobile contacted Omodasolami on making her weekend special.

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Soon, the D-day came.

The stage seemed set for the grand meeting of the pop star and his diehard fan.

Feelings reached a horizon when Omodasolami and her boyfriend finally met the real king on September 5.

At some point, it was pretty hard to contain the excitement running through Omodasolami from smiles to happy gestures while the memorable encounter with Olamide lasted.

Indeed, it is commendable that itel Mobile continues to seek ways through which people within and beyond her community can experience happiness.

And this is helping to sustain likeability and association for the customer-centric brand.

See some pictures below;

How itel Mobile Surprised Diehard Olamide Fan


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How itel Mobile Surprised Diehard Olamide Fan


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How itel Mobile Surprised Diehard Olamide Fan

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