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How To Celebrate Memorable Valentine With Your Faraway Partner

Long distance Valentine celebration
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How do you celebrate a memorable Valentine with a faraway partner aside sending gifts and money?

Surely, you would want to know.

This is especially given the fact that most people’s partners are far away because of some unavoidable reasons.

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For instance, you have been planning a memorable Valentine celebration with your partner for long.

However, before today, something happens and your partner won’t be with you for the celebration.

Or, your partner travelled to another location.

Now, you feel you are lonely and don’t have a Val.

But then, you say you could send gifts, money or love messages across.

But sending money, love messages or gifts to your partner might not give you that feeling you want.

You may not feel like you spent quality time with the one you cherish.

Also, you could say that you will make a video or voice call with your partner.

Well, that’s fine too.

But that still does not make both of you enjoy quality time together today.

So, what do you do?

How do you make it feel memorable and have your partner join you in all you are doing where you are?

What if we show you ways you can make the day worthwhile even with your partner faraway?

And what makes it more interesting is that your partner gets to join you in all the fun, though virtually.

So, checkout these memorable virtual date tips you can have with your faraway partner.

But first, understand the story behind the Day.

What’s all about the Valentine?

Today is Valentine, a special day when you get to express love and show your partner how much he or she means to you.

It is a lovers’ Day because lovers spend quality time and share expensive gifts on this day.

People celebrate Valentine to mark a certain priest called St. Valentine.

Some say the priest was executed because he wedded young couples in love.

The then emperor of Rome, Emperor Claudius II, had banned young lovers from marrying.

He had thought that married young men did not make committed soldiers.

Consequently, he banned marriage among young men whom he needed for wars then.

But young lovers then wanted to marry and consummate their love.

So, St Valentine would conduct marriage ceremonies for them, an act that was against the Emperors’ aoder.

In the course of performing marriage for young people, St Valentine was jailed and later jailed.

Other accounts abound about the celebration but let’s talk about the various ways you can have your Valentine celebration with your faraway partner.

What ways can you celebrate your Val who is far away from you?

  1. Meet in the Metaverse
  2. Take a museum tour:
  3. Play Online Games you both can partake
  4. Watch shows on streaming services; Stream favourite music together


  1. Meet in the Metaverse and have fun together:

You and your partner can enter the Metaverse after creating Avatars of yourselves and have fun the way you want it.

Recently, we have seen a couple take their wedding to the Metaverse where they enjoyed their day.

Guests equally attended while the late father of the bride also attended as Avatar.

You too can do so with your faraway partner.

But you both must have Mark Zuckerberg’s VR headset  or similar ones to be able to enter the Metaverse.

  1. Take a Museum Tour round the world on YouTube:

You can take your partner on a world tour while being virtual.

On YouTube, you can find a walking tour of popular places like Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain, Louvre in Paris or Google Arts and Culture.

All you need do is to synchronize or screen-share to your Val so you both are having same experience same time.

  1. Stream favourite shows and music:

You can stream favourite shows or music on any movie or music streaming service.

If you know what popular or favourite shows or songs your partner would love, you both can still watch the show or listen to the songs together even though the partner is faraway.

You can use services like Teleparty on Chrome extension to sync up your streaming service viewing and chat and share with your faraway partner.

You can watch Netflix shows together.

  1. Play Online Games together:

Also, you can play online games with your partner if such a partner is a game freak.

You can play Jackbox Games like Fibbage, Blather and Trivia Murder Party.

They are particularly suited for two players.

Just screen-share from your device to your partner.

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