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How To Add People To Your Twitter Circle

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By Oparah Chiamaka.

Micro-blogging social media platform, Twitter, has made available to everyone, its new feature, twitter circle.

The feature allows users of the platform to share tweets with smaller groups, something more like a group of friends, within the larger members on the platform.

It said during the beta testing of the feature, it discovered that people are freer engaging with smaller groups than the larger Twitter community.

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According to Twitter, circle is perfect for users who want a more private interactions with only a select few, about 150 people.

Only members of your circle will be able to see your tweets as well as engage with them.

Why Twitter Launched Twitter Circle:

In may 2022, twitter started testing the new feature with a small group of users.

However, it has now said it would make the feature available to everyone worldwide on iOS, Android, and the web.

According to the bird app, it found out that people are more comfortable engaging with a private group of other tweeps instead of the larger Twitter users worldwide.

Twitter circle aims at bringing people with similar interests together to engage in specific discussions.

According to the micro-blogging site, the Twitter Circle grants users more autonomy over who sees or engages with their tweets.

Also, with this feature, users will no longer lock up their accounts against all their followers because they want privacy.

Instead, they can allow their accounts public but make their tweets private so that only those in their circle can see such tweets.

Note that you can still tweet so that the general public can see or engage with your tweets.

However, when you select Twitter Circle as the audience you want to tweet at, then only members of your circle can see and or interact with such tweets.

Feature of Twitter Circle:

Twitter circle is a feature on the app that allows you to have your own closed pals with common goals, about 150 users.

It lets you have a private group of friends or community of tweeps with common interest.

Only those you added in the circle can can view and reply your tweets.

Those who are not in your circle can see a badge indicating that your tweets are restricted to only those among the circle.

Meanwhile, you can remove someone from your circle without them knowing you removed them.

Also, anyone who is a member of your Circle can like and or, comment on your tweet.

Meanwhile, members of your circle cannot re-tweet your tweets in the circle as Twitter did not add that option.

This is to further make the interactions in the circle private.

However, people in your circle can still take a screenshot or photos of your tweets and share it to others not in your circle.

How To Add People To Your Twitter Circle:

You can only create one twitter circle with up to 150 people.

While typing your tweet, click on the “Circle” from the drop down menu at the top of the composer.

Then, click on the option to add the tweet to your circle and click it.

when you post a tweet, you can also select the audience you will like to share your tweets with.

Meanwhile, by clicking the Edit button next to the circle selection, you can either add or remove a person from your circle.

What you should know:

To know if tweet from someone is restricted to only his circle, such tweets from someone’s circle will be signified with a green badge.

User now have the ability to select their circle – a group of up to 150 people.

Twitter Circle members won’t know you removed them from the circle.

When tweeting, users can select whether they would like their message to be posted to their full list of followers, or to their circle.

Tweets posted to someone’s circle can only be seen by those that they have selected.

Also, all replies to them are private.

It is important to note that people in your circle can still take a
screenshot or photos of your tweet.

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