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Infinix Brings 5G To Life With Innovative ZERO 5G

The Infinix and CCS Insight 5G Development Report for emerging markets.
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The Infinix and CCS Insight 5G Development Report for emerging markets.

Infinix worked together with CCS Insights, who deliver top-rated industry-level analysis and research have created an report for emerging markets: Assessing the Market for Low-Cost 5G Phones, which looks at the current state of the global mobile phone market; examines the forecast for the adoption of 5G smartphones in emerging markets during 2022, and analyzes growth opportunities and advantages that Smartphone brands represented by Infinix.

The rapid development of 5G

The main global smartphone manufacturers have stepped into the 5G field, 5G technology has been all the rage for the past two years and all of the devices that take advantage of it have been well outside of the price range for the average consumer in emerging markets around the world.

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With the rapid growth of 5G infrastructure set to continue at an accelerating pace over the next several years, Infinix plans to fill the gap with attainably priced technology that can take full advantage of these 5G networks.

Infinix Brings 5G To Life With Innovative ZERO 5G

Worldwide 5G smartphone shipments

CCS Insight forecasts in 2022, three years after the launch of the first commercially available 5G smartphone, almost 1 billion 5G smartphones will be sold around the world.

In emerging markets in the Asia–Pacific region, 32 million 5G smartphone shipments in went out in 2022, representing a staggering annual growth of 233%.

The scale of the opportunity has reached a level where 5G smartphones can be palatably priced for consumers in both developed and developing economies, and the purchases of 5G smartphones in emerging markets is set to increase as prices fall and 5G becomes a baseline feature.

Infinix has a deep insight into the rapid development of 5G trends and consumers’ needs in emerging markets and has launched its first 5G smartphone named the  ZERO 5G, which delivers 5G technology & value packed components and features to global and emerging markets at an attainable price point, targeting young users who want to take amazing photos, use demanding applications, enjoy smartphone gaming and fully utilize the growing 5G networks in their region.

Meet the Infinix ZERO 5G

Infinix designed the ZERO 5G smartphone to work seamlessly with 5G networks and provide a fantastic smartphone experience for users.

ZERO 5G’s dual 5G SIM works with Clever 5G Mode, which can significantly improve download and gaming speed and reduce power consumption.

The smartphone is integrated with MediaTek’s Dimensity 900 master gaming processor for high-performance gaming and heavy usage.

A uni-curve design has been implemented for a sleek look and feel and a 48MP camera with 30x ultra-zoom provides a fantastic smartphone photography experience.

A 6.78” FHD+ ultra-smooth display enables immediate finger touch responses and a 5000mAh with 33W quick charge technology allows users to power through their entire day effortlessly.

Infinix Brings 5G To Life With Innovative ZERO 5G


5G is available for everyone

With 5G capabilities initially appearing only in high-end chipsets, placing a premium on the technology at its launch – 5G was restricted to flagship smartphones. As production of 5G silicon has grown and chipmakers have made clever design choices, the added cost of 5G has fallen. Infinix has taken full advantage of this making 5G available to everyone with attainably priced smart devices. On ZERO 5G,Infinix not only democratizes this technology and makes it attainable for everybody, but also makes it stylish, hardwearing and ultra-functional.

Infinix Brings 5G To Life With Innovative ZERO 5G

Infinix is a brand that is close to both the local market and local consumers, especially the young generation. It always approaches its product development with an element of “glocalization” — combining designs that have a global appeal with innovation aimed at local communities, optimizing the local mobile Internet experience and on physical product design, resulting in cost-effective product development that meets real-world needs. Infinix believes that everyone should be able to use 5G to speed up their day and empower their digital lifestyles. Infinix is making every effort to make it attainable for consumers in emerging markets.


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