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Instagram At 10: Platform Rolls Out Anti-Bullying Feature, Adds Updates To Stories

Instagram Rolls Out Anti-Bullying Feature and Adds Updates to Stories

Social networking service, Instagram, has rolled out an anti-bullying feature on its 10th anniversary to make the platform safer for its users.

The new feature will conceal any possible insulting or vulgar statement.

It also added a new feature in its store, which will help users find stories from a long time ago.

Old memories

Instagram Rolls Out Anti-Bullying Feature and Adds Updates to Stories

Instagram’s new feature will enable its users to find stories that date back three years easily.

The stories log on Instagram now has a monthly calendar format.

The calendar shows all the days you posted on your story and has a map to guide your search.

Given that the log now dates back three years, the map and calendar will help users locate the stories.

Nobody enjoys swiping through that many memories.

If you’re ever in the mood to share these memories with your followers, you can re-share.

There’s an available option that allows you to share to either your profile or feed.

Not to worry, only you can see the rest of the three-year-old archive.

The features have begun going out already and would be everywhere soon.

To find the “archive,” first go to your Instagram profile.

Next, tap the sandwich icon at the top right-hand side.

Finally, click archive, and you’ll see everything from three years ago up until the present date.


Cyberbullying On Instagram

In an attempt to curb the rampant culture of bullying on its app, Instagram has plans.

The app will start concealing comments similar to already reported ones.

As opposed to having the comments deleted completely, they will still be available for viewing.

Once a user hits the “View Hidden Comments” option, the comments will appear.

The feature rings a sense of deja vu.

It brings to mind Twitter’s “Hide Replies” option that hides improper comments on the app.

The difference, on the other hand, is that the feature is non-automated on Twitter.

Whereas, Instagram does the hiding for the poster.

Furthermore, users will be able to control negative remarks and put positive ones in the spotlight.

To better the anti-bullying efforts, perpetual cyberbullies will receive stern warnings from Instagram.

This way, bullies will take a second thought before making nasty comments on people’s posts.

Instagram already has an AI-based feature that alerts people when their comments can pass as insulting.

Such a person can then take a cue from the alert and make the needed changes.

The two releases strategically come at very significant points.

For example, the anti-bullying feature comes at the foot of the National Bullying Prevention Month.

The “stories feature” also comes with the celebration of Instagram’s 10th-anniversary, which fell on the 5th of October.

Instagram’s birthday also saw the release of other features.

The IGTV update and a throwback to old Instagram icons are an example.

The icons include Instagram’s old polaroid camera icon and a host of others.

Others are a pride coloured icon, monochrome icon and other colourful icons.

Here is a video of how it works:

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Finally, Instagram has put out research it gathered about popular trends on its apps.

It disclosed the most discussed music on the app as well as favourite fonts and effects.

In short, 50% of people watch a video on Instagram daily.

Also, over a million people mention “meme” in their stories every day.

There’s also the 900 smiley reactions sent by users daily.

The app also released AR effects, most used story fonts and others.

Now, if you’re lucky, you should get more DMs than comments. Why? You may ask.

Well, it’s because Instagram says the average app user gets three times more DMs than they do comments.

Now, if that’s not the case, Instagram thinks you’re below average. Ouch!

The updates are ready for both iOS and Android.

We’d like to know your thoughts on the new feature. Do tell in the comment section, please.

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