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Introducing Microsoft Bing Chat to All Chrome Users

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The field of artificial intelligence (AI) keeps changing. Even if it seems slower lately, it’s always moving forward. One big step this year was the launch of Microsoft Bing Chat, a mix of a search engine and chatbot packed with many features. Until now, Microsoft used Bing mainly for its own Edge browser. But, wanting to reach more people, Microsoft said a month ago that Bing Chat would soon work on Google Chrome and Safari. Now, Microsoft has made it happen by making Bing AI Chat available to all Google Chrome users in the latest update. Let’s dive into more details.

Opening Doors: Bing Chat Now on Google Chrome

Before, to use Microsoft Bing Chat, you had to use the Edge browser or know how to get around some obstacles with other browsers. But now, Microsoft has removed those hurdles. In a recent official update, Microsoft shared that the new update is live, making it easy for Microsoft Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise to work with the Google Chrome browser.

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This is a big move. It’s important to know that this update is only for the stable channel right now. It includes all supported platforms, like Windows, Mac, and Linux, but it’s only for the desktop version of Google Chrome. Right now, we have confirmed access using Google Chrome version 116.0.5845.110. However, there are plans to make it work with other browsers on desktop and mobile devices soon.

More to Come: Other Exciting Updates

Adding Bing Chat to the Chrome desktop browser is not the only new thing. Other important updates include making Bing Chat Enterprise available on Edge Mobile, giving more access to Bing Chat on Swiftkey, and introducing new Bing search page templates.

Making Microsoft Bing Chat available to Google Chrome users is a key step for Microsoft in making its AI tools available to more people. With plans to add support for more browsers on desktop and mobile devices, it looks like the browsing experience will get even better for users in the future.

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