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Is Africa Ready For A 4-day Work Week?

Is Africa Ready For A 4-day Work Week?
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Is Africa ready for a 4-day Work Week?

Gather round everyone who dreads Mondays and wishes Fridays were already a part of the weekend.

What do you think about the idea of working only 4 days as opposed to the normal 5 days?

A New research published on the 30th of November 2022 revealed that companies who gave their staff an extra day off per week, with no reduction in pay, experienced increased revenue alongside reduced absenteeism and resignations.

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Workers felt less stressed and burnt out, and reported higher rates of life satisfaction.

Findings also showed significant declines in the duration and frequency of commuting, plus other positive environmental outcomes.

It also noted that none of the participating organizations are returning to a five-day week.

This report came after more than 30 companies and almost 1,000 employees in countries including the US, Ireland and Australia recently concluded a six-month 4 day week pilot program, coordinated by non-profit 4 Day Week Global.

What is this 4 day work week? Why has it been causing a rave? Why are some countries adopting it?

What are the benefits to both employer and employee and what are the possible downsides and challenges to implementing this 4 day work week in Africa?

Is Africa ready for a 4 day work week?

In this episode, four guests representing the different sets of people in a workplace, discuss Africa’s readiness for the 4 day work week.

A front-end web developer and freelance technical writer who currently works with Sterling Bank;
Anita Eghonghon Idemudia, the Founder & CEO at Teksight Edge PR; Charles Edosomwan,
a Senior Business Management and Partnership expert at HumanManager Limited; Mojisola Oladele-Ojo, and
the Director of 4 Day Week South Africa NPC and Chairperson of 4 Day Week SA Coalition; Karen Lowe share their expert thoughts on this topical issue.

Link to listen – https://africatechradio.com/is-africa-ready-for-a-4-day-work-week/

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