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 Khula, South African Agritech Pioneer, Gains Investment Boost from PepsiCo Fund

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In a significant stride towards transforming agriculture, South African agritech startup Khula has secured an undisclosed investment from a fund backed by PepsiCo. This strategic infusion of capital is poised to propel Khula’s expansion initiatives, fortifying its commitment to connecting farmers with vital resources such as suppliers, buyers, and financing avenues.

The investment stems from the Kgodiso Development Fund, a substantial financial initiative initiated by PepsiCo South Africa with an initial capital injection of R600 million ($32.7M). This fund operates with a vision to uplift emerging farmers by championing market-driven programs, fostering innovation, and strategically investing to amplify its positive influence.

Khula, co-founded by Karidas Tshintsholo, Jackson Dyora, and Matthew Piper, stands out for its innovative digital ecosystem tailored to address the prevailing challenges confronted by South African farmers. These challenges notably include restricted access to markets and financial constraints.

PepsiCo’s investment signifies more than just financial backing; it catalyzes Khula’s expansion beyond the borders of South Africa. Leveraging PepsiCo’s global presence and robust supply chain, Khula aims to create fresh opportunities for farmers on an international scale.

The collaboration between Khula and PepsiCo reflects a shared commitment to revolutionising agriculture by empowering farmers through technological innovation, strategic partnerships, and impactful investments. As Khula embarks on this new chapter with PepsiCo’s support, the agritech landscape anticipates a ripple effect that extends far beyond South Africa’s borders.

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