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Lagos Launches New Resident Card For BRT, ATMs, Others

Lagos Launches New Resident Card For BRT, ATMs, Others

The Lagos State Government has launched a new Resident Card which Lagosians can use to access various services in the state.

Through the Residents Registration Agency (LASRRA), the  state would be rolling out the new multipurpose residency card.

The General Manager, Engr. (Mrs.) Ibilola Kasunmu revealed this during a two-day workshop in Lagos.

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She said the new card has been better designed to allow bearers access more and better services from the Lagos State Government.

The new card, according to the GM, has 28 applets for different services.

What you can do with the new resident Card:

You can use the card to pay for BRT bus fares.

Also, you can use the card for Ferry Services and Banks’ Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs).

Furthermore, the new cardholders will be able to apply for loans to the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF).

Explaining the card further, Engr. Kasunmu said thus:

“The card also serves as a means of personal security and identity verification at points of procuring government services, in addition to the resident cardholder being able to use it for services such as processing of driver’s licence and filing of tax returns among others.”

How to apply for the new card:

You can register to get the new card by visiting the state’s Residents Registration Agency’s website, www.lagosresidents.gov.ng.

On the website, you will pre-enrol and after which you will go to the nearest Registration Station located across the State for colectiong.

Note that you would need a Proof of Address and Identity for Biometric Capturing.

Mrs. Kasunmu urged Lagosians to endeavour to pre-register for the new card to enjoy the benefits.

Meanwhile, she said assured that the whole process is seamless, free and does not consume time at all.

She also urged those who registered before 2019 and those who have changed their names and addresses to validate their information on the website.

“My appeal to all Lagos residents is that we should all maximise this opportunity to enable us to get access to faster and better services from the State Government.”

According to her, “The old identity card was made of plastic and very limited in functionality.

“So, holders of the old card need to upgrade because the lifespan of the card has been changed from 10 years to five years.

“This is to allow for flexibility to onboard more features and expand usability because of fast-changing technology trends.”


The new card system will the state properly identify residents.

It will also grant some benefit access to residents.

The resident card further indicates that Lagos state is at the forefront of technology integration in government services.

The GM said, “the impact of technology on the global identification landscape includes making it cheaper and easier to identify people accurately, as well as access services quicker. With the Lagos ID Card, our children can have easy access to educational services from primary to secondary schools in the State.”

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