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LinkedIn to Stop Copying iOS Clipboard Content

LinkedIn will stop copying iOS clipboard content after a user highlighted the seemingly privacy-invasive practice

The employment online service copies clipboard content in order to perform an equity check between what a person is typing and what is in their clipboard.

This act by LinkedIn was however exposed by a new privacy feature in iOS. It is however limited for developers.

The operating system notifies people when an app copies something from another app or device.

The device has however been exposing apps who are fond of copying clipboard contents from other apps.

LinkedIn was accused of copying clipboard contents from other sources such as notes app on its iPad apps.

“We don’t store or transmit the clipboard contents,” LinkedIn engineering VP Erran Berger said.

Although Berger said they were performing equity-check, he did not give reasons as to why the check was carried out.

TikTok was also called out for the same behavior last week. The video-sharing service was also caught copy contents and presenting it as theirs.

In its defense, TikTok said it was part of an ani-spasm feature which will be stopped real soon.

With iOS 14 expanding widely, a public beta is expected to be available in a few weeks’ time. It is sure to expose other apps with similar behavior.

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