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Microsoft Opening Garage Sites In Nigeria, Kenya

Microsoft Garage
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Microsoft has revealed that it will launch its Garage program in Nigeria and Kenya.

The company said opening Garages will bring its services to Africa.

According to the company, the Nigerian Garage will situate in Lagos.

It said the Lagos Garage is currently in advanced planning stages.

Also, the company is currently in search of a Senior Program Manager to lead the program in Nigeria.

Microsoft’s Garage is a platform where young employees learn to be extra creative, connect and experiment outside their jobs.

The platform will also serve as a creative ground where young talents can learn and practice ethical hacking.

Likewise, Microsoft said the Garage will run hackathons, engineering internships, and an experimental outlet for its local students and tech communities.

Components of the garage:

Microsoft’s Garage will feature a dedicated lab that has a collaboration hub for hackathons and workshops.

Also, the Garage will have a Makerspace and an Advanced Makerspace. It will also have Reality Rooms.

The advanced Makerspace will have an electronic workbench, 3D Printers, laser cutter, PCB milling machine for creating prototypes.

Similarly, the Reality Room is a space for Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality applications and dedicated space and equipment for doing work on Deep Learning.

The Microsoft Garage in Africa

According to the General Manager of The Garage, Jeff Ramos, “the Garage is a program designed to support our employees’ creative ambitions and innovative instincts” says

He said “Every person at Microsoft has the ability to come up with a good idea.

“The Garage is here to help our great people shape and develop those ideas.

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“We need a place for people to feel confident to take creative liberties, and that place is The Garage.”

He said Microsoft is going to learn how to do business better worldwide by learning in Africa. Noting that in Lagos, Microsoft sees a tremendous opportunity to learn as a company and as a culture.

Also,  commenting, principal group manager at Microsoft ADC Nigeria, Gafar Lawal, said the Garage will support employees as they continue to learn at every stage of their careers.

There are 12 Microsoft Garage sites in the world.

However, when the company adds the two in Nigeria and Kenya, the number will becomes 14.

Benefits of the programme:

Many employees have created projects that have become full Microsoft branded products or features.

Notable ones are Kaizala, Microsoft launcher, Seeing AI, FarmBeats, Mouse without Borders and the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

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