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NCC Announces Flexible Approach to SIM-NIN Linkage Amid Disconnection Concerns

In a significant development for mobile subscribers in Nigeria, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has announced that there will be no fixed deadline for the linkage of Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards with National Identity Numbers (NIN). This move comes as a relief to many, amidst growing concerns over potential disconnections for non-compliance.

Despite the absence of a hard deadline, the NCC has mandated mobile network operators to commence the disconnection process for subscribers who fail to link their SIMs to their NINs starting from this month. The directive underscores the NCC’s commitment to enhancing national security and digital identity management.

The NCC’s stance aims to address the public’s concerns regarding the SIM-NIN linkage process, highlighting the NIN’s crucial role as a unique digital identifier for Nigerian citizens. The Commission has laid out clear guidelines for the linkage process, encouraging individuals to comply as soon as possible to avoid service interruptions.

This development is part of the NCC’s broader strategy to ensure a secure and reliable digital identity framework in Nigeria. By facilitating the integration of SIMs with NINs, the Commission seeks to bolster national security measures and improve the provision of government and private sector services to the populace.

As the NCC continues to monitor the situation, subscribers are urged to complete their SIM-NIN linkage without delay. The Commission reassures the public of its dedication to implementing policies that protect citizens’ interests while advancing Nigeria’s digital identity ecosystem.

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