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Netizens Fill Twitter, Google Trends With ‘Pregnant’ Young Ma Memes

Netizens Fill Twitter, Google Trends With 'Pregnant' Young Ma Memes

Yeah, Young Ma went viral on YouTube and now she is trending on Twitter. But why? Here is why netizens are tweeting about Young Ma.

Twitter has become one of the major go-to sites to get the gist about what’s trending.

Knowing the gist will put you in better position to join the conversation and make relevant contributions.

So, this report about, Trends: Young Ma Went Viral On YouTube, Now Trending On Twitter, will reveal to you why Young Ma is actually on the discussion table of netizens right now.

Current engagement on Google Trends:

First, you should know that Google searches about Young Ma is currently over 20, 000.

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What it means is that more than 20 thousand netizens are currently searching about Young Ma.

People want to know what’s the latest with the young artiste who is famous for her hits Praktice, Ooouuu, Off the Yak, and Petty Wap.

Who is Young Ma?

The popular rapper is a lady who is also lesbian. Her real name is Katorah Kasanova Marrero.

The 30-year-old rapper had gone viral on social media after releasing her song, Brooklyn (Chiraq Freestyle) on YouTube.

She has equally released many other singles and albums ever since.

Why is she trending?

First know that she is currently dating an online influencer, Kaylah Gooden.

Young Ma is currently trending on Twitter and again, over a rumour!  There is a rumour that the young hip-hop artiste is currently pregnant.

Netizens have flooded the social media with memes saying Ma is pregnant.

Meanwhile, this is actually the second time this rumour is surfacing.

First, on July 21, 2021, MA granted an interview with US media, Dish Nation, during which she expressed desire to have children.

Because of her interest in having kids, netizens took to social media to circulate the rumour that she could be pregnant and already expecting a baby.

However, when asked if she would be the one to carry the pregnancy, she gave an emphatic ‘No’, saying her partner would be the one to carry the pregnancy.

On Instagram, she had responded saying, “Of course, my girl is the one that’s gone be pregnant.

“That’s why I looked at her and mentioned her smh. Y’all bored lol, but I get it… Sell ya stories, and we workin’ on one now.”

On November 2, 2022, ‘Young MA pregnant‘ started trending across the web again.

Right now, she is still trending on the social media as many netizens are still tweeting memes about her being pregnant.

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