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Nigerian Engineers Develop App, WhatchApp, To Tackle Insecurity

WhatchApp is an app to tackle insecurity in Nigeria.

Nigerian security engineers based in the Uk launched the app, saying it would help eradicate insecurity in Nigeria.

Created specifically for Nigeria, it allows a community of members to connect and watch each other’s back.

Nigerians can fully participate in the fight against insecurity through the app.

Once they can register as a user, their location can be tracked anywhere in Nigeria.

All they have to do is turn on their phone location when they do not feel safe or when there is an emergency.

Also, users can send a direct message to the app by clicking on an SOS button.

Then, the app would send the user’s location to the user’s family and friends immediately.

But before then, the user should have saved their details; names, email addresses and phone numbers on your SOS.

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Other things you should know about WhatchApp

A set of Nigerians created WhatchApp.

Two Nigerians, namely Chief Christian Ebede and Nnonso Marchie from the UK based company, Ozone technologies, worked on the app.

Joining them is a Nigerian designer, Emmanuel Azu Nwaolisa.

According to the owners, the app is in demand, and it is in time with the security issues in the country.

“Whatchapp works with law-abiding and registered residents in the cities, towns and villages in Nigeria to enable them to record and submit video, photographs and accounts of incidents and activities that are pertinent to the well-being and safety of their community and their family.

“Whatchapp can send instant emergency report of any security breach or incident in their immediate localities and environment, both to relevant security units and even more importantly, to residents and people around the scene of insecurity, be it kidnapping, murder, road accidents, armed robbery, fire outbreak, unknown gun men, herdsmen conflict, banditry, name it,” says the owner.

Also, the owners say the app has a recording feature that allows users to record videos of their scenery while making reports.

And with the call feature, they can alert the security agencies for help or assistance.

Our thoughts

The app is just in time with the security issue going on in the country.

Over the years, there has been a consistent rise in insecurity of lives and property in Nigeria.

In fact, a probable belief holds that one out of every three Nigerians has plans of relocating from the country due to this reason.

This is alarming.

Hopefully, with apps like this coming onboard, the issue of insecurity can be tackled.

This in turn will make Nigerians not to live in fear daily.

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