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People Card: Get Familiar With Google’s New Search Feature

Search engine giant, Google, has just launched a new search feature, namely “People Card.”

The mobile-only feature targeted at the African continent will make people more discoverable on Google search.

Currently, to have your bio details pop-up on the internet, you must have published/upload specific contents that carry your identity.

However, with the latest development, people will no longer have to upload contents online to be discoverable.

Google’s New Feature Will Help Africans to be more Discoverable on Google Search

Source: Nerds Chalk

As such, the new feature helps people create their presence on the search engine in the form of a card.

The card contains every necessary bio details that the users want others to know about them.

Well, you can relate it to your traditional corporate card, although in this case, it is a digital one.

Better still, you can compare the feature to the already existing Google search knowledge panel.

How to create a profile on people cards

Firstly, the people card feature is accessible to anyone who wants to have an online presence.

To create a people card profile, an interested user must have already created a Google account.

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Afterward, search for your name; you will get a prompt that reads, “add me to search.”


Google’s New Feature Will Help Africans to be more Discoverable on Google Search

Source: ZeeBusiness

Once that is done, you will be re-directed to a new page where you will either fill/add a photo, description, links to social profiles and other information that matters.

Also, creating the people card for the first time will require you to fill in a unique contact number that can only be used by a single profile.

Additionally, in an attempt to prevent multiple entries from users, Google allowed one profile card per Google account.

Why should you create a people card profile?

Speaking on the importance of this new initiative, Olumide Balogun, Head of Consumer Apps, Google Africa for the Sub-Saharan region, said having an online presence is essential.

In his words, “Whether they’re content creators, business professionals, or just wanting to stand out from the crowd — having an online presence is important.”

“If you fall among any of these categories of people, it is essential for you to create a profile.

Those without a formal website, people who share a name with many others, according to Olumide “this is an easy way to create or distinguish their presence on Search.”

Google’s mission has always been to organize information and make it useful and accessible, and we’re now providing a new way – for people who want to be found – to organise information about themselves, right on Search, on their mobile phones,” Olumide added.

African-inspired feature

Speaking on the importance of the initiative, Olumide revealed that Google had been working with people in the region for years just to understand how Africans perceive the search engine.

As such, it was easier to make the search tool more relevant while working efficiently for the people in the region.

“We built this feature for the millions of influencers, content creators, entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, freelancers, or anyone else out there who wants to be discovered,” Olumide further stated.

Google’s New Feature Will Help Africans to be more Discoverable on Google Search

Source: Awka Union

More so, this is not the first time that Google is introducing a search feature that specifically meets the need of regional users.

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Other notable features that address specific regional needs include job search experience, which helps people find a job through search.

The Health symptom search allows users to explore health conditions related to any symptom.

Google has not stopped evolving, and its continuous attempt to fit into its consumer daily routine makes it very unique.

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