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Plentywaka, Innoson Join Forces To Expand Business Operations

Plentywaka and Innoson Join Forces to Take on Delta, South-East

Bus-hailing platform, Plentywaka, has partnered with Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) to expand its business operations in Nigeria.

This alliance is the first-ever with the pioneer of bus-hailing and the first indigenous automobile company.

IVM will give the hailing app a fleet of buses to boost its growth in the eastern part of Nigeria.

Any of the partners didn’t specify the exact number of buses.

By the fourth quarter of 2020, Plentywaka will proceed to the south-east for operations.

Its first stop will be Delta state, where it’ll begin taking commuters to their destinations.

Earlier in the year, the startup disclosed its expansion plans.

The aim resulted from the Vehicle Partnership Scheme that prompted the “More Vehicles, More Routes” initiative.

Currently, Plentywaka operates on various routes in Lagos and Abuja.

Plentywaka, Innoson Join Forces To Expand Business Operations

The journey

The startup first began operations in September 2019, after which it garnered 100,000 trips in six months of inception.

By the end of the year, Plentywaka had a whooping 200,000 trips.

In addition to the trips, the bus company got 40,000 downloads off its hailing mobile app.

After hitting its growth off in Lagos state, the company launched in Abuja in August this year.

Determined to continue with its rapid growth pace, October has seen another launch in south-east, Nigeria.

Besides breaking into other corners of Nigeria, it also plans to tackle a common transport problem in the region.

The question of transport safety and security is a prominent one.

Plentywaka is set to take that problem by the horns with its innovative transport solution.

Comfort and convenience are also on the startup’s list of barriers to overcome.

Solving these problems is the culture of the Plentywaka model.

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In a statement by Onyeka Akumah, CEO and Co-founder of Plentywaka, he described the partnership’s prospect.

According to him, it is a step towards creating a dependable transport system by and for Nigerians.

Plentywaka Buses

Furthermore, he explained that both brands have lived through an obsolete transport system.

However, they are ready to change the story with technology.

Onyeka is sure the people want a safer and convenient transport means.

He’s highly optimistic that the experience can be better achieved with Innoson Motors aboard.

Innocent Chukwuma, CEO of IVM, also made a statement.

He mentioned that Innoson had been keeping watch of Plentywaka’s stellar growth.

From their findings, the hailing service has seen steady development since it started in 2019.

He finally gave his support, restating Plentywaka’s preparedness for possibilities.

In short, IVM will support the startup in the next big phase.

Not long ago, Plentywaka reported a $300,000 transport funding led by Microtraction, Niche Capital and EMFATO Holdings.

The budget followed its expansion into Abuja and is the first of such by the startup.

The fund was also raised in a bid to boost Plentywaka’s mapping technology.

Additionally, the company later set up its logistics service and staff bus solution.

In the end, the signs suggest Plentywaka is moving in the right direction.

What are your thoughts on the partnership between the local companies?

Is Plentywaka about to breakthrough bus hailing in Nigeria?

Please tell us what you think in the comment section.

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