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Primed E-health And Koolboks, Nigeria Startups For Africa Tech Awards

Nigerian Startup Bill Gets Senate's Pass: How You'll Benefit, Primed E-health and Koolboks

In partnership with Viva Technology, International Finance Corporation (IFC) has shortlisted two  Nigeria companies Primed E-health and Koolboks among 45 African startups selected for the first edition of the Africa tech awards.

The selection was made based on assessing startups from Nigeria, Kenya, Congo, South Africa, Morroco, Egypt and others. They were chosen from over 300 startups application.

The list of selections was based on these categories; Fintech, Health Tech and Climate Tech.

What are these startups doing?

Koolboks tops the list in Climate Tech category while Prime E-heath tops the list for Health Tech companies in Nigeria.

However, there was no Nigeria representative from the Fintech industry.

Comments during the event

According to Makhtar Diop, IFC’s Managing Director, Africa has proven to be a resilient continent despite the challenges faced due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It didn’t stop the number and quality of the African applicant to be chosen amongst the startups changing the narrative in Africa.

”These Awards will help scale innovations in key sectors like climate tech, health, and financial services, which are critical to supporting the continent’s sustainable and inclusive growth,” he added.

Viva Technology Co-Presidents Maurice Lévy and Pierre Louette, and Managing Director Julie Ranty also had things to comment on.

According to them, “Africa is a breeding ground for talent and new ideas, and we are delighted to see so many innovative entrepreneurs participating in this first edition of the AfricaTech Awards. It is a pleasure to be able to highlight these impactful start-ups and help promote their solutions across the continent and beyond.”

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The top 15 start-ups in the FinTech category

  • Abela – South Africa
  • Applied Logic Ltd – Niger
  • Click2Sure – South Africa
  • Crop2Cash – Niger
  • DREAMCASH Cameroon SA – Cameroon
  • Duhqa – Kenya
  • eMaisha Pay – Uganda
  • Franc – South Africa
  • ImaliPay – Kenya
  • Lipa Later – Kenya
  • Neqabty – Egypt
  • Popote pay – Kenya
  • Premiercredit – Zambia
  • Proxalys – Senegal
  • Singpay2022 – Gabon

The top 15 start-ups in the Health Tech category

  • Access Afya – Kenya
  • BokDoc – Egypt
  • Chefaa – Egypt
  • Keeplyna – Tunisia
  • Med – Tunisia
  • Meditect – QatarPrimed E-Health – France, Nigeria, Uganda
  • SonoCare Healthcare – Niger
  • The Aviro Pocket Clinic – South Africa
  • Vekta Innovations – South Africa
  • Vula Mobile – Dr W Mapham – South Africa
  • Wala Digital Health – Ghana
  • Welnes – Egypt
  • Zencey – Ivory Coast
  • Zuri Health – Kenya

The top 15 start-ups in the Climate Tech category

  • ARESS (Myjoulebox) – Benin
  • ATLAN Space – Morocco
  • Bekia – Egypt
  • Chafi – Niger
  • Easy Matatu – Uganda
  • Eco-V GreenTower – South Africa
  • Farmtopia – Egypt
  • iShamba Limited – Kenya
  • Koolboks – France, Nigeria, and 12 additional countries
  • Kumulus – France and Tunisia
  • Seavo – Egypt
  • Sunpave – Egypt
  • The Awareness Company – South Africa
  • WEEE Centre – Kenya

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