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Tanglebot, New Virus That Targets Android Devices, Steals Bank Details – NCC

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Do you know about the new malware, TangleBot, sipping into people’s data? Find out what it is and how to avoid it.

Cybercriminals have been looking for newer ways to extort information from people and take their data.

This is becoming alarming as the number of issues with cybercrime we encounter keeps increasing by the day.

It affects, businesses, organisations and even individuals get affected.

A report says the effect of the Covid19 pandemic and recent trends has resulted in increases in breaches and cybercrime issues.

With cybercrime concerns worldwide, there is no doubt this would be on for a long time.

About TangleBot

TangleBlot is the new high risk messaging malware that has been affecting Android devices in Nigeria.

According to Nigeria Communication Commission  (NCC), the malware affects everything about the phone.

It gains massive control of your phone and begins to affect your activities on the phone.

Also, it sips personal information like banking details, passwords and others.

How is this possible?

NCC says that the virus comes in the disguise of a Covid 19 vaccination appointment message or a fake local power outage notification.

It asks users to click a link to read details or procedures, irrespective of the format.

And once an unsuspecting user does that, they are asked to update some applications that give access to content.

Also, they gain access to the content; they would ask the user to fill some boxes and accept different permission.

Some would go ahead with this, which would lead to the virus accessing some of their application.

The malware would gain access to other permissions not given by the user.

It would be able to eave drop on conversation and see and steal sensitive data stored.

Also, the malware monitors the activities of the users.

The malware can reach deeper parts of the device operating system and take complete control of the device.

How to prevent TangleBot

Beware of every SMS you receive, don’t just go clicking on links.

And if you happen to receive an SMS referring to a Covid 19 vaccination appointment or a power outage notification, please ignore

You should know that you can’t receive notification from a Covid centre for an appointment except you had signed up for an appointment.

And if you have been cautious in your dealing.

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Interestingly, the malware is similar to FlutBot, another SMS Android malware.

The commission in charge has said that Nigerians should be wary of these cyber criminals planning to extort them.

Asides from the prevention above, NCC is also working on ways to eradicate the spread of malware.

NCC’s New Media and Information Security Department by the Nigerian Computer Emergency Response Team (ngCERT) is the team in charge.

Implication for you reading

You reading, you should know several more malware are still coming up, and it is better to be security conscious before clicking on any link.

Asides there are some security measures in place to help users.

There are firewalls you can use on your devices, antivirus and VPNs.

Also, use strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication on platforms.

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