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Techuncode And Fairmoney MFB: A New Banking Experience


Techuncode came onto something, and it is the nicest “thank-you” present we can provide to you, our loyal readers.

The way we do things in the world is changing, including how we interact, move around, and communicate, among other things.

It’s no surprise that the way we do business is also changing.

People are starting to search for new methods to be financially self-sufficient and wise.

Today’s company review is Fairmoney Microfinance Bank, and this review will explain why this is a financial platform that everyone should use.

There are several financial platforms available that claim to provide user-friendly financial services as well as some so-called excellent addendums that will not make you sweat.

However, when you cave in and download these applications, one of two things happens: either they cause you so many difficulties from just using the app alone, or you discover things they didn’t tell you about.

Let’s put those uninteresting Financial apps aside and concentrate on the app under review.

Before we go any further in describing our experience with Fairmoney MFB App, a brief introduction to the Financial Institution.

The credit-led digital bank Fairmoney MFB is encouraging financial inclusion and access to digital banking for the unbanked and underbanked in Nigeria.

It is also reinventing digital banking for emerging markets. Fairmoney MFB was founded in 2017 and operates in Nigeria and India.

Since its inception, Fairmoney MFB has increased its client base to over 5 million users and 1.9 million bank accounts in just four years.

Fairmoney recently launched a campaign called “Fair Banking for All.”

This movement aims to invite all to enjoy an all-inclusive banking model that gives everyone equal access to services that were previously exclusively available to a privileged few.

The simple message was, search for the app, download it and enjoy Fair Banking.

It was that campaign that piqued our interest, so we had to check it out.


First, we needed to see if the app was available to various types of phone users and we found that it was only available to Playstore and Android users, when we investigated why, we found out that, being only on Android was a move to gain mass adoption, however with their growth, an IOS app is in the works.

The app has a 4.4 rating playstore, which is really good.


Now into the main user-ability of the app. I was prompted to enter my phone number as soon as I started the app, and as soon as I did, a code was sent to the number I had entered.

I established a four-digit pin number that I could use to log into the app at any time, and then I was asked for my BVN number.

Let me take a moment to note that Fairmoney MFB’s in-depth security approach is very admirable; with the rise in fraudulent activities these days, this two-factor authentication security is critical.

Now let me get back to the app specs.

Once I had signed in all necessary permissions. I was in the app ready to go.

After using the app for sometime and trying out various features, I established that the app is seamless and easy to use. The navigations are placed strategically to help you access whatever you need.

This is where I tell you all the great services and perks Fairmoney MFB offers.

Fairmoney MFB offers a wide range of products that any business minded person would marvel at.

These include;

  • Zero transaction fees: Let us all be honest. We all crave that financial institution that will not debit transaction fees. After all, we brought our business to them.
  • 0% interest on 15 days’ loans for new users: With the increased need for monetary help, getting an interest-free loan for 15 days is a great idea.
  • This is especially perfect for salary earners and students who know that they will get certain payments at a certain time.
  • 3% discount on airtime & bill payment: Fairmoney MFB is a doer, not just saying that they want to give people hassle-free banking services. 3% discount on every airtime and bill payment. I am loving this.
  • Free debit cards: You won’t be charged N1050 for any debit card with Fairmoney MFB; you get it free.
  • 100 Free Bank Transfers monthly: For businesses and individuals who do several transactions a month, 100 Free Bank transfers monthly is a steal. Fairmoney MFB is truly showing us that it means business.
  • High Interest Investments: Fairmoney MFB also offers several investment options that come with up to 21% interest rates.
  • Quick loans in 5 minutes: near-instant digital loans 24/7 directly via its mobile app.


Do you see how we’ve landed on a jackpot with all of these financial services listed?

This isn’t a gimmick or one of those financial platforms that make big promises but then disappoint.

This is a tried and proven platform; we all need a little help now and again, and Fairmoney MFB is here to provide it.
To learn more about Fairmoney MFB, go to all their verified social media pages and check out their “Fair Banking for All” campaign, which aims to promote an all-inclusive type of banking that gives everyone equitable access to services that were previously only available to a select few.

You can do anything if you put your mind to it. If money is the problem, you don’t have to worry as Fairmoney MFB has you covered on everything.

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