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The Best Tech Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

father's day

Father’s day is fast approaching, and you still don’t know what to get for him. You do not have to worry much. We will share with you some gift ideas we know you can buy without incurring extra delivery costs or breaking your bank.

What is the best way to show how much he means to you? This will be getting him something he would love and appreciate.

Here are a few tech gift ideas you can get him before the day arrives.



Let’s start with the easiest of all gifts. Getting your dad a new smartphone or replacing an old one will surely make him happy, especially if the phone is a high-end phone with super unique features.

Here are some things you should consider selecting the best smartphone for your father in 2022.

  • It should be budget-friendly. Try to get something within your range.
  • It should have a quality design and be very durable. Some research says men tend to be more careless with things than women. So ensure you get a phone that can sustain him in the long run.
  • Have a good life and battery line. The phone should be able to last for a good number of hours before running down.
  • Look at the quality of the phone. Check reviews online and see if the performance of the phone is excellent. Does it have features that can help support a disability? is it easy to navigate?

Once you have done all these, then you can make a selection of a phone to buy.


Watches do more than tell the time now; they can help you on your fitness journey or help to promote handsfree. And what better will it be than giving such an incredible gadget to your dad this father’s day. We are sure he would appreciate everything about a smartwatch.

It would enable him to keep track of his health and encourage him to start and stay on a fitness journey. Also, He will enjoy the hand-free feature by controlling calls and music through the watch.

An Apple SE would be preferable for him as it is a high-end wristwatch with unique designs and features. You can make an order through the Amazon store for about $249.

Streaming subscription plans

There are streaming sites, ebook sites and many entertainment sites your father might be interested him.

Depending on the interest, you can pay for a subscription plan that covers a month or a year of using the platform.

This would be one lovely and appreciative gift as you notice things he is interested in.

Here are some plans that might be useful to him; Apple subscription, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Kindle, etc.

Bluetooth tracker X key holder

Does your dad regular have issues with finding his keys? Then this is one perfect gift you should consider for him. It is a multipurpose gadget that allows him to keep his key safely and track it while it is lost. This will be killing two birds with a stone.

The tracker can work on any phone regardless of if it is Android or Apple. Depending on the type of tracker you decide to get, it can track up to 250 feet away from where your key is or the item you attached the tracker to. Also featured in a tracker is a water-resistant and replaceable batteries.

You can decide to customise his name on the holder to make it extra special.

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Video games

Is your father a gamer? Then you might consider this.

If you want to spend more father and child time, these will pass as a gift for father’s day.

While playing, you can always catch up on things, especially if you’ve not seen him in a while or have been busy at work.

You can decide to get a Nintendo, play station, Xbox or any other digital game he could like.

Some games have a subscription plan granting them access to more games.

You can pay for it or decide to gift him a GameStop gift card.

Recharge their internet subscription

If you don’t want to order anything online, here is another idea.

The internet is for everyone, and your father wouldn’t want to miss out on some exciting updates and news.

Not all fathers might enjoy doing this, but for those that do, you can decide to recharge their internet subscription for the month.

You can do unlimited access for him where he can access the internet every day of the month without worrying about the internet running out.

Implication for you reading

If you are reading this and still planning to get a gift for your father, I hope you found this helpful.

Hurry now and make a decision and add a smile to his face.

And if you have more gift ideas for father’s day that is last minute, please share with us in the comment section.

We will love to hear from you.

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