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TikTok Removes Almost 105 Million Videos That Violated Its Policies In The First Part Of 2020

TikTok Removed From Its App, Almost 105 Million Videos That Violated Its Policies, In The First Part Of 2020
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TikTok shows that it’s serious about removing contents that violate its policies.

The company, in the first half of 2020, deleted up to 105 million videos.

The 105 million videos violated its policies.

105 million is twice as much as the amount it deleted in the last six months of 2019.

Although it’s double the amount of deleted content of 2019.

Either way, the company only has data for less than 1% of the videos.

These are the videos that go up on its platform.

The method for monitoring contents that have violated the internet company’s policies differ.

For instance, YouTube makes use of a computerized monitoring system.

However, TikTok uses something very different to monitor theirs.

The company uses technology to monitor, flag, and remove videos.

They mostly did this during the coronavirus pandemic.

TikTok removed 97% of the videos.

Additionally, 90.32% that were removed hadn’t received any views.

30% of the deleted videos contained nude contents.

They also included sexual activities.

Another 22.3% of the deleted contents contained videos that risked the life of youngsters.

A recently deleted video is one that broke the internet.

It was a video of a middle-aged man dying from suicide.

The video went so viral that TikTok users had to prompt each other to watch the video.

Details on how the video leaked

TikTok Removed From Its App, Almost 105 Million Videos That Violated Its Policies, In The First Part Of 2020

The Facebook And TikTok App

The video wasn’t posted on TikTok, but on Facebook towards the end of August.

The video was live-streamed, and it attracted a lot of views.

TikTok users saw the video and started posting it on the platform.

TikTok’s Director of government relations spoke up about the video.

In his statement, he mentioned that such a happening is a challenge and a threat.

Also, the team works together to sort out a solution.

To prevent a reoccurrence.

The goal is to shield their users from any harmful content.

It also removed 1.5 million versions of a massacre video of Muslims in Christchurch and New Zealand.

TikTok banned the accounts that posted these videos.

Most of the accounts signed up to TikTok precisely for that purpose.

TikTok regarded this as an attack.

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TikTok’s challenges with these videos

TikTok feels this is probably sabotaging its platform.

Most videos posted don’t receive many views.

They’re then posted multiple times to get more views.

It appears to be harder to remove videos that multiple versions have been posted.

The videos’ reposting appeared to be extreme to the extent that they bypassed TikTok’s algorithm.

Which is strange because of how strong it is.

This algorithm is for detecting unwanted videos on the app.

Nonetheless, TikTok said they’re changing the mode of their machine learning to detect these problems better.

Techuncode understands that in India, up to 37 million TikTok videos were also removed.

For that reason, TikTok is presently banned in India.

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