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Twitter Wants You To Enjoy Its Pinned DM Feature

Twitter Wants You To Enjoy Its Pinned Feature

Twitter wants you to enjoy its pinned DM feature to let you get to conversations you love most easily. 

The microblogging app has said that it would make its pinned DM feature available to all its users.

Its feature would allow them to keep some of their favourite conversations easily accessible.

And they would be able to put as many as six conversations at the top of their DM box.

Twitter says this in a post.

“Keep your fave DM convos easily accessible by pinning them!

You can now pin up to six conversations that will stay at the top of your DM inbox.

Available on Android, iOS, and web.”

In the past, the feature was only available to Twitter Blue Subscribers.

However, it would be available to more users; Android, iOS, and web.

Although, an observer has pointed out that the feature isn’t fully out to more users yet.

He had said that he saw the feature on the iOS app but not on the Twitter web app.

To enable the feature on your Twitter, swipe to the side of the conversation, where it would reveal a pin.

When you tap on the pi, it will take the conversation to a section t the top of your screen for pinned DM.

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Although the feature might not be for everyone, some might not bother to pin anyone.

However, for those that use the feature, it would be useful to them.

Although many might not want to know, they do not fall in the list of the pinned conversations of others.

Implication for you

This is one of Twitter’s many features on its Twitter Blue exclusive.

Amongst others remaining on the platform are longer video uploads and NFT profile pictures.

Twitter hasn’t mentioned if it would finally make these features available to users like the pinned DM.

However, if you want to enjoy the features, you have to subscribe to Twitter Blue.



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