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WhatsApp Plans To Launch Undo Button For Deleted Messages

Undo button feature
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WhatsApp might be launching an undo button for deleted messages. This was reported by a popular website that releases news of WhatsApp updates before they arrive, WABetaInfo. The feature will reportedly be used to restore messages that have been or have been deleted.

This is coming days after WhatsApp officially released some updates on its platform and said it would be rolling out in weeks. Some of these updates include emoji reactions, voice message updates, adding 512 people to groups and others.

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However, WABetaInfo also updated how the undo feature will work.

It said that if a user decides to delete a message but instead of clicking ‘delete for everyone’, they click on ‘delete for me’.

The user can decide to undo the action by returning the message to its original form and then using the option they had in mind.

Interestingly, this is not the first assumption of something like the “Undo button” feature coming to WhatsApp.

There has been an assumption of an editing feature on WhatsApp related to it.

Reports had said that WhatsApp was going to bring the editing feature so that users can edit their messages and things they post on their status.

So the feature is not entirely a needed idea coming to the platform.

WhatsApp’s rivalry platform, Telegram, has an “Undo button” feature

However, the idea of bringing an Undo feature is a long-awaited feature by users.

And without a doubt, users are beginning to opt for a better platform that offers such features as Telegram.

Telegram is one of the competing messaging platforms with WhatsApp.

And apparently, it offers the undo button feature to users to be able to undo their actions.

However, there are other factors that many might begin to prefer Telegram to Metas’ WhatsApp.

Telegram offers more storage when sending files, larger space to take more people in groups, and better qualities.

With all these, Telegram and WhatsApp are still big competitors in the messaging app space.

The implication of Undo feature for users

Meta releasing Undo button for users will satisfy one of the users’ needs.

Also, it would tighten the competition between it and its rival platform.

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