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WhatsApp’s Keep In Chat Feature Can Save Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp's Keep In Chat Feature, WhatsApp for windows
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With WhatsApp new feature, it is now possible for you to save disappearing messages for later reference. WhatsApp calls the feature, Keep In Chat.

Remember that before the social media platform introduced this feature, users would have to view a message under the Disappearing mode just once and such messages disappears.

WhatsApp introduced the disappearing message feature last year to help in privacy protection.

The feature helped users maintain confidentiality of what data they are sharing during chats with someone.

It became necessary that the social media platform introduce such feature as many users kept falling victims to data theft and blackmail.

Fraudsters would gain access to a person’s phone and take hold of sensitive conversations that are private and use such data to blackmail of threaten their victims into doing what they want.

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Sensitive data such as private or nude photos, videos, classified materials, financial transactions and or medical history, among other data are examples of data that fraudsters hijack from their victims.

These data were sometimes shared during conversations via WhatsApp by colleagues, friends, partners, lovers or prominent people including politicians.

However, the Disappearing feature came to put these data breaches in check.

Once a person sets his chat on Disappearing mode, the receiver of the message would only view the message once and it disappears.

WhatsApp’s Keep in Chat Feature:

The latest feature by WhatsApp – Keep in Chat, will allow users save some messages even if the sender had turned on the Disappearing Mode.

WhatsApp's Keep In Chat Feature

WhatsApp’s Keep In Chat Feature

Who can use this feature?

WhatsApp said the new Keep In Chat feature is available for some users that install the latest updates of WhatsApp for iOS, Android, and Desktop.

Although the feature is not yet out for country, the platform said it is rolling out for more people over the coming weeks.

Therefore, to enjoy this new feature, users must update to the latest version of WhatsApp.

If you have updated your WhatsApp to the latest version  but cant still access the Keep in chat feature, you don’t need to worry.

You just have to wait a bit as WhatsApp says it is rolling out the feature globally in the coming weeks.

If you have Versions of WhatsApp beta for iOS and the WhatsApp beta for Android update, then you are set for the new feature.

Why WhatsApp is introducing Keep In Chat:

WhatsApp is introducing the Keep in Chat feature because it says this would help people save memorable messages for feature references.

The Disappearing Messages feature automatically deleted conversations after a set period of time.

However, while this provides extra privacy, it also makes it difficult for users to keep track of memorable messages.

People have lost very important conversations and or messages because of the Disappearing Messages feature.

Consequently, the social media platform introduced the Keep In Chat feature so users can save some messages.

By using the option to keep a message in the conversation, users can now choose to save specific disappearing messages for future reference.

How it works:

WhatsApp said in a blog post that the sender will be notified and given the option to veto the decision when someone keeps a message from disappearing.

What this means is that the sender of the message you want to save from automatically disappearing will get a notification if  you choose to save the message he or she sends you.

Also, such a sender can then decide to allow you keep the message for future references or he or she can deny you the access to keep it.

Additionally, if the sender unkeeps the message before the original expiration even after you have chosen Keep in chat,  it will disappear and you won’t be able to have access to it later.

WhatsApp has made it so to still give the sender of a message absolute control over what happens with the message.

How to know disappearing mode messages to keep:

All disappearing messages carry a bookmark icon which you can recognise  and they are listed within a new section called “Kept Messages” in the chat info.

Under this section, you can then select which disappearing message to keep for future references.


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