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You Might Soon Be Able To Watch YouTube Content On Twitter

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American-based video company, YouTube has been doing a series of testing and experiments on its platform. It said it was to help users and content creators to watch, share and create content easily.

In its commitment to do so, it announced it had released a beta testing tool that would allow users to watch YouTube content from Twitter.

According to its statement, the testing started rolling on March 18. The feature would make it easier for users to view YouTube videos without having to go on YouTube.

Any user included in the experiment would be able to see YouTube videos directly from their Twitter feeds.

YouTube added that the feature would be available to iOS users in countries like the US, Japan, Canada, and Saudi Arabia.

However, the time for the testing would be for a limited period.

Not until it rolls out fully, YouTube users not authorised for the testing would continue watching YouTube content from YouTube.

YouTube recommends products in videos

YouTube also announced to have released a beta testing tool that would detect a list of products in videos; it would also generate a list of related products.

The tool was released on March 22 to YouTube users only in the U.S, and would also be for a period.

YouTube said that users would be able to view the automated suggestions as they scroll on the platform.

Also, the feature would appear between two recommended videos below or at the side of the video player.

The tool aims to help people enjoy more information and videos concerning those products in videos, said YouTube.

However, experts said that if the feature is fully released, it would be of great benefit to the advertisement industry.

Earlier Testings

In January,  YouTube released testing that enables a short clip of a creator’s content to be shared across other platforms.

The clip feature was to be from 5-60 seconds for the viewers to watch.

A user would have to click on the clip icon from under the video they are selecting the portion to clip.

Clips are available on desktops and Android devices of users in the U.S.

However, YouTube hopes to roll it out on other outlets and countries in the future.

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In the same January, YouTube released testing for shopping on its platform.

The testing came out for users to easily shop for products on its platform. Both creators and viewers would be able to partake of the feature if it is fully released.

Creators would be able to sell whatever product they like through their videos.

Users would see a list of items they can shop for when they click on the shopping icon below the video, which they select and discover items they want to buy.

YouTube said that the feedback got from each of the testing features would be used to make the update for later in the future.


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