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Zoom New Update Would Protect MacBook From Bugs

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Zoom advises that all users of MacBook to update their version of zoom.

Are you using a Macbook? Do you use a zoom on your MacBook? Then you should know this.

Zoom said that it discovered a bug in its present software.

The bug would make the microphone on their Macbook run to MacOS Monterey, making it stay even after leaving a call.

After a user has finished from a zoom meeting and has left, the microphone would still be on.

And this can be very dan be very dangerous to the user.

Users who were affected had been complaining about the bugs since December.

They noticed the light shows a video was recording was showing even when the zoom was off.

Interestingly, the light, the orange light feature came as an indicator to help users know when an app is secretly using its microphone.

And this brought about privacy concerns by the users as it could mean zoom was spying on its users.

So, Zoom is saying to prevent the further spread of the bug; users should update their Zoom version to version 5.9.3. Zoom.

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But before Zoom’s update, a representative from zoom had this to say about the findings.

“experienced a bug relating to the Zoom client for macOS, which could show the orange indicator light continue to appear after having left a meeting, call, or webinar.” 

After, in January, Zoom added that it could only be fixed if the users would update to version 9.5.3.

However, this is not the first attempt to Zoom to fix the bug.

December 2021, Zoom had tried to fix the issue.

This shows part of the company’s commitment to ensure that the people’s data are secured.

In the past, Zoom had been accused of misleading users of its end to end encryption that it offers.

This would affirm its commitment to protecting users, and it isn’t after their information in a questionable way.

Implications for you

If you haven’t updated your version of zoom, you should.

This would help you to avoid the bug that has been affecting others.

And preserve you against security issues.

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