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42% Tech Workers Say They’ll Resign This Year: Here’s Why

42% Tech Workers Say They'll Resign This Year: Here's Why
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About 42% of of tech workers have said that they will resign from their jobs this year.

This is even as about 44% of workers generally are currently looking for new jobs.

Evidently, the Great Resignation is still very much at play, especially as it is severely hitting the technology ecosystem.

Particularly, more developers are either quitting their jobs or considering to do so, a report by Digital Oceans has revealed.

Therefore, this report shows the reason people are leaving their jobs or considering leaving.

The Great Resignation:

Much has been written about the great resignation that began in 2020.

And if you are still wondering what that means, then here we go.

The Great Resignation has other names. You can also call the phenomenon the Big Quit or the Great Reshuffle.

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It refers to a situation whereby a larger number of employees are voluntarily leaving their jobs more than is usual.

You can see it as the number of monthly resignation divided by the total employment going higher than usual.

Although some people believe this phenomenon started earlier than 2020, others say it officially started around late 2020 or early 2021.

Specifically, more people began to quit their jobs when Covid-19 pandemic struck the world.

With the pandemic, there became a shortage of work as a result of large-scale shutdowns across the globe.

Technology sector takes the hit:

According to the report, the tech ecosystem is currently experiencing developer shortages as the Great Resignation has hit the sector.

In the report by Digital Oceans, it surveyed over 2,500 developers around the globe.

The global research body surveyed workers on their motivations to quit their jobs, their job satisfaction and challenges among others.

According to its findings, about 42% of developers who haven’t left their jobs say they are considering leaving or may consider leaving this year.

“Technology companies are experiencing the same phenomenon, particularly among developers, who are highly in demand.

“This has led to a developer talent shortage even in large companies and reports of burnout for those who remain.

Also, the report reveals that over 27% of those with more than a year of experience have started a new job in the past year.

Similarly, 8% of those who have either left or are planning on leaving want to startup their own companies.

The report also reveal that those with fewer years of experience are most likely to be shifting jobs compared to those with higher years of experience.

This means that developers with less than two years or a year experience will likely quit their jobs to take up another.

“one in five developers with 15 years or more experience have also started a new job in the past year.”

Why Workers Are Leaving Or Want To Quit Their Jobs:

Many factors contribute to the desire by workers to quit their jobs.

Among the reasons are remote or flexible work environment, compensation issues and thriving open source economy.

While 27% have already left their jobs due to higher compensation offers, 28% others are considering to leave their jobs for same reasons.

Similarly, while 24% have already resigned their current jobs over full time remote/ flexible jobs, 21% are considering to quit jobs lacking these.

Also, the data shows that while 17% workers have resigned their jobs to look for ones with better benefits, 15% are considering doing so.

For those who have eft already, 8% resigned to start their own companies while 8% are equally considering to do so too.

Recently, discussions about horrible bosses and toxic work places  dominated the Nigerian media, especially the social media.

The trend exposed many companies in Nigeria allegedly with horrible bosses and toxic work environments.

Consequently, the report by equally revealed that while 9% workers left their jobs for lack of inclusiveness, 8% are considering quitting for same reason.

Meanwhile, the thriving open source  economy is another great factor contributing to people leaving their jobs.

The open source ecosystem has resulted to “Low-code and no-code solutions, which enable developers and non-developers to create applications without advanced coding skills.”

It said about “35% of startups and SMBs using open source in 50% or more of their software, compared to 28% of enterprises.”

However, developers complain that they have not been paid their contributions to open source project developments.

“While 78% have not been paid for their contributions to open source, a majority believe that open source contributions should be paid.”

Ultimately, “Both those who have already left and those considering leaving jobs are motivated by two main factors: Compensation and fully remote or flexible work environments.”

Developers faced and are still facing challenges resulting to the great resignations.

Especially in developing countries, they are facing great challenges relating to their work.

Challenges developers face:

Among the challenges are lack of resources, technical debt and toxic workplaces.

“Throughout our survey, one trend that comes through across respondents is the impact that the Great Resignation has had on developers.”

“There is also a small but clear movement for developers to leave jobs to start their own companies, indicating that entrepreneurship is strong among this group.”

“Those who remain at their jobs are also stretched thin, with technical debt and lack of resources as top challenges for developers today.”

What Companies and Employers Need To Do:

With the rising resignation trend in the technology ecosystem, companies need to adopt new measures to remain in business.

Companies should start by offering high pay to workers to dissuade them from resigning.

Although many companies have adopted a remote-working system, they need to further make it a norm to retain developers.

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