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Top 10 Countries Hiring For Tech Skills

countries hiring for tech skills

If you are looking for the top hiring countries for tech skills, then you are in the right place. Read through to know more about this.

The demand for tech talents has skyrocketed in several countries. This is as a result of companies in the countries looking for relevant skills to stay at the top of their industries. Meanwhile, due to the pace of talent in their country, they are seeking to hire talents from other countries. Some organisations are even willing to offer sponsorship for relocation to their countries. This has increased the trend of those seeking an international job; either they want a better standard of living or for exposure.  If you are seeking the best countries hiring tech talents, you are at an advantage right now. We would be discussing in this article, the top 10 countries that are hiring tech talents.

The need for tech talents

Technology is an important element that drives growth and innovation in an organisation. For an organisation to achieve set objectives and reach its potential in whatever industry it operates, it needs tech talents. And by Tech talents, we mean Tech skills such as in IT, product management, AI, website design, app development, coding, data analytics, programming, etc. Many companies are looking for tech experts who will join their teams to achieve their objectives, hence the high demand.

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With thorough research, we have been able to come up with the top 10 countries in search of tech talents. You should know that the countries come in no particular order.

  1. Germany
  2. Canada
  3. UK
  4. Portugal
  5. The Netherland
  6. Ireland
  7. Spain
  8. Italy
  9. Turkey
  10. France


This country is described to have one of the best tech sectors among other countries. Consequently, tech talents are in high demand in the country. It is to expand the innovation and initiatives taking place continually.

Software developers are paid well in the country and are in high demand.

For anyone willing to relocate through employment to Germany, your best bet is to acquire the skills of a software developer.

Other tech skills that are considered in the country are digital marketing, engineering, etc.

Big companies like Delivery Hero, Zalando, Seven Senders, and N26 exist in Germany.

And they are looking for talents with these tech skills; Data Engineer, Java Software Engineer, Product Manager, Database Engineer, Android Engineer, Senior Frontend Engineer, Cloud Engineer, BI Engineer, Engineering manager, etc.

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If you are looking for a country that not only presents opportunities but gives quality life, it’s Canada. It is one of the top countries to which many foreigners have plans to relocate.

The country generally offers safety for people and standard livelihood facilities.

It is also rated for its world-class healthcare which makes the demand for medical practitioners high.

Looking into the tech opportunities present in Canada, the opportunities cover different sectors and different companies.

Canada has big companies like Shopify, Hootsuite, Wealthsimple and Behavox.

With the dynamics of technology, these companies will always require tech talents.

They will be on the lookout for experts in software development, Full stack developer, Computer programmers, Information system analyst, web designers, etc.

Interestingly, the Government of the country has made it easier for foreign talents with the Global Talent Stream visa introduced in 2017.

Tech professionals can easily relocate if they utilise the initiative.

Here are some of the degrees that Canada is seeking; pharmacy, accounting, Computer science, software engineering and civil engineering.


The United Kingdom is a country of tech opportunities.

UK demand for tech talent has hit an all-time high lately. As of 2019, technology roles in the country equated to 11% but as of now, it has increased to 14%.

In May this year, there were about 870,000 tech and digital job vacancies in the UK.

Topping the list of these in-demand skills in the country is Data science.

Another skill that has topped the list of in-demand skills in the country is engineering skills.

Also, the need for software developers remains a constant for companies in the country, especially senior developers.

However, the UK is also known for some roles that are not technical but they can function in the tech space. They include management, communication, user experience, HR, sales, finance, etc.

But management, client and communication are the top softer skills that are in demand in the tech space.

Asides from all these skills mentioned that are in demand, there are several big tech companies in the UK.

And they have a specific demand of skills that they need to help them achieve their objectives.

Tessian, a machine learning and cyber security company, would need talents that like backend engineers, lead NLP Data scientists, senior Platform Engineers, Product managers, and more

Also, Ava, a computer and security company has a demand for talents like software test engineers, frontend software engineers, senior cloud security engineers,  and many more.


Although, just like most countries, the economy of Portugal crashed in 2008. However, the country was able to recover in 2013. Then in 2020, Covid -19 struck and it was another struggle for the economy of Portugal. However, the country is one of the most affordable countries in Europe.

However, these developments rather spurred many people in the country, especially organisations and governments, to see the need for in-demand skills that are useful and not location-bound.

With big tech companies like Google and Microsoft in the country, there are now plenty of opportunities for talents with these in-demand skills.

Some of these skills that companies are looking for include IT managers, software developers, project managers and full stack developers.

Meanwhile, these are not the only in-demand skills. Many smaller tech companies in the country are looking for people with skills in project management, agile coaches, UI/UX design, product owners, etc.

Some companies may also take up freelancers, give visa sponsorship or hire them as remote workers.

Therefore, for those looking for visa sponsorships, these are things you should know about Portugal.

The country is one of the most affordable countries in Europe. Nevertheless, in terms of job offers and relocation, it might be the hardest to relocate to. But then, if you land in the country, you will do well.

Also, Portugal offers quality life, security and safety and healthcare.

So, getting a job visa in a country whereby all the social amenities are readily available is what Portugal will give you.

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The Netherland has the highest expert working in the IT  industry than anywhere in the world. The reason for this is that the whole system of the country is enabled by technology.

Interestingly, Amsterdam, the capital, is home to the headquarter of over 170 IT companies and has the highest broadband in Europe.

The country also hosts a lot of other industries that require tech roles.

Due to the progressive tech nature of the country, it is in demand for more experts to help meet its milestones.

Here are some of the skills in demand in the Netherland: Software engineers, developers, programmers, etc.

Some other skills that are in demand in the country that is not necessarily technical, include MBA, med lab science, engineering, and architecture.


Ireland has established itself as a robust location for tech talents. It has a large number of tech opportunities to offer to tech experts.

According to reports, in 2021 alone, the ICT sector in Ireland experienced a 9.6% increase in employment and is forecast to grow more over the years. However, the same year, it was one of the countries that were affected by the trend of the great resignation. Also, it experienced lower immigration in the country due to Covid-19 restrictions and this resulted in a shrinkage in the ICT sector in Ireland.

Another thing is the rising demand for tech talents in the country amongst organisations. Many organisations have embraced technology solutions and this became rampant during the pandemic period. Embracing technology in the country has resulted in a call for tech workers.

This has made Ireland a strong market for those with tech skills, especially IT skills. They can get a high salary, visa sponsorship and other tremendous benefits.

Asides from IT, other tech talents in demand in Ireland include Project managers, software developers, program managers, cloud engineers, solution architects and others.


One of Europe’s beautiful countries and top list of holiday destinations, Spain is one country many are considering relocating to.

It has a low cost of living for a high-cost lifestyle, no wonder people choose to call it home.

Aside from this, it has a high demand for tech skills.

Its current demand for tech skills is 23.12% for the big tech companies in the country.

Technological skills like a project manager and engineering and IT director are one of the high-paying jobs in the country.

So if you are looking to relocate to a country like Spain you should consider any of these skills.

Big companies in Spain like Cabify, Glovo, and Travelperk need talents that are senior software engineers, software engineers, senior security engineers, site reliability engineers, data analysts, senior web developers, Android engineers, machine learning engineers and many more.

Also, other skills that are not technical but are in demand in Spain include sales, marketing, healthcare, sports management, hospitality, arts and humanities and finance.

Honing any of these skills and utilising a tech job platform can give you access to a job visa into the country.


Moving to Italy through a job means finding jobs and skills that are in demand in the country. An employer needs to find you suitable for a job when you have the skills that they need in their company.

Interestingly, in terms of job opportunities, Italy doesn’t have much compared to other countries.

But this doesn’t mean that there are no good opportunities at all for individuals to get a job that is high paying and allows them to relocate.

It is just that most positions like these would need to have years of experience.

LinkedIn has published a list of high-demand jobs in Italy.

Some of these include robotics engineering, machine learning engineering, cloud architecture, data engineering, sustainability management, data management consultant, HR analyst and more.

Others include product management, business development skills, back-end developers, data science and many more.

Non-tech skills that are in demand in Italy include Hotel management, culinary arts, fashion and teaching.


Situated in between Europe and Asia, the country is a nation with diverse culture. Many people are drawn to the country for its beauty, and good home structures and other good interests.

If you are thinking of relocating to Turkey by getting a job in the country, then you need to know the skills that are in demand in the country.

With the pace of technology, every country’s economy has been striving on technology to advance and grow.

Turkey is a rising tech hub and is looking for those with IT skills like project managers, IT specialists, business analysts, full stack developers, cloud architects and more.

However, some degrees and roles are in demand in Turkey that people can consider.

They include business admin, nursing, aeronautics, lawyers, supply chains, bankers, management, etc.


It is one of the largest countries in Europe.

The primary source of its stable economy is in these industries: telecommunication, information technology, banking, construction, insurance and pharmaceuticals.

Because more internet penetration has created a way for IT companies and tech companies, there has been a higher demand for tech professionals.

Many of these IT and tech companies need tech skills. They might even be willing to give visa sponsorships if the prospective employee is a foreigner.

Some of these tech skills include machine learning, engineering, AI engineering, data engineering, java engineering and many more.

Also, some degrees and roles are in demand in France that people can consider.

They include Culinary Arts, luxury and fashion, Aerospace, business analytics, etc.


We have shown you some of the countries that are hiring for tech skills.

They have a high probability of giving talents visa sponsorships to their country through their companies.

So, I hope this was an enjoyable read for you.

Meanwhile, in a further article, we will visit each country one after the other to see how we can get the tech jobs in higher demand. We will also have a broader insight into the in-demand skills in these countries.

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