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5 Must Have Documents You Need To Japa

5 must have documents you need to japa, How To Track And Collect Your Int'l Passports Remotely With NIS New Technology, Nigerian International Passport
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In this our Japa series, we cover several issues which include  how Nigerians are leaving the country, in-demand skills needed by different countries like Canada, UK, US, Germany, and many other issues. We also cover 5 must have documents you need to japa and how to apply for international passport, scholarships and visa. Others are how countries offering free education and universities you can apply for free education.

Meanwhile, regardless of your intentions to japa, there are documents you must have if you want your japa to be successful. Without these documents, you won’t leave the shores of this country; in fact, no country will grant you access if you don’t have them.

But what documents do you need to assemble? What important documents?

Here are 5 very important documents you must have for your japa to be a success:

We also included a bonus to make it six.

A: International Passport:

You must have your international passport before your japa to the UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, or any other country can be successful.

Without this travel document, no country will allow you in.

So, ensure that you obtain your International Passport from the Nigerian Immigration Service.

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It will cost you about N26, 000 to get your International Passport.

How do you apply for your International Passport?

Steps to get your passport:

1. Visit the Home page of the Nigeria Immigration Portal Select a passport type “Standard e-Passport” OR “Official e-Passport”
2. Select the booklet type (32, 64)
3. Fill the Application form.
4. After filling it, click on ‘Submit Application’ button to view ‘Applicant details page’
5. Ensure you put in your correct NIN number
6. Choose the available date for capturing at the immigration office
7. Click on “Proceed to Online Payment”
8. Click to select Payment Currency “Pay in Naira” or “Pay in Dollars” options
9. Click on ‘Continue’ button

Visit any Immigration nearest to you for that is where you might go for electronic capturing.

You will also submit your file with the documents listed below and get an enrolment number for collecting your passport in 2-3 weeks after application.

Then that’s it:

Meanwhile, remember that for your application, you would need some documents.

Documents you need to apply for International Passport:

You will need the following documents to apply for your international passport.

1. Local Government letter of identification.
2. Birth certificate / age declaration.
3. Two recent colour passport photographs, usually with white background
4. Guarantor’s form sworn to before a commissioner of Oaths / Magistrate / High Court Judge
5. Parents’ letter of consent for minors under 16 years
6. Marriage certificate if you are married or where applicable
7. Police report incase of lost passport

Meanwhile, according to the Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, you should start your application early enough.

“Our system makes room for six weeks for fresh application and three weeks for renewal. This is to enable the NIS to investigate and verify claims by the applicants.

“It is advisable for travelers in need of passport to begin the application process early, factoring our timeline.

“The six weeks maximum is reasonable and among the shortest application time in the world.

“Promising an applicant an express service, therefore, is a scam. It is bound to end in disappointment, and for most part, it does.

“I will appeal, therefore, to applicants to follow the path we provide through the online portal.

“That is the only reliable and assuring path to procuring a Nigerian passport.

“If you pay money to any Immigration staff, you can be arrested and charged for bribery and inducement.”

Further on, let’s continue with the very important documents you need for your japa to be a success.

B: Reference Letters:

For your japa into any university outside Nigeria to be successful, you will need to get a reference letter from the head or senior lecturer in the University’s department you graduated from in Nigeria.

It could be from your Head of Department (H.O.D).

The letter will state that you are of good behaviour both morally and academically. It should also say that you are a graduate of the institution and are qualified to be given such admission by the foreign university.

Another reference letter is from your boss at the place you are working, if applicable. Your boss from where you are a staff will write one reference letter for you, stating how resourceful and of good character you are to the company.

c: Academic Transcript:

Your academic transcript contains your performance in all the courses you took from your first year in the university to your graduation. It also contains what CGPA you graduated with, the department and what honours you graduated with.

You will need the transcript of your academic years for your japa levels. To apply for any university abroad, you need your transcript.

Where and how to get yours? Visit or write your school where you graduated and request for it.

You must note that some schools may not send your transcript to you directly but will send it straight to the foreign university you are seeking admission.

Others may give.

Meanwhile, most foreign schools also prefer that the university you graduated from send them your transcript.

However, having a copy for yourself is crucial since it will help speed up your application. This is because, sometimes, the school you graduated from may delay sending or responding to your transcript request.

In order to avoid missing out of getting admission into foreign universities due to delays in transcript, try and get one handy for any day or time you want to apply. You can use the copy you have to apply and have your school officially send to the foreign university later.

D: Statement of purpose:

This is another document you must submit before a foreign university will grant you admission in your japa movement.

It is an essay you write in the process of your japa, which states why you think you are qualified to get admission in the foreign university.

Also, it tells what your intentions for seeking admission in the foreign university are. You will need to write specific number of words which is usually between 1000 to 2200 words.

E: University and other Certificates:

If you want your japa through academic to be a success, then you must have your university certificates.

You will submit copies of these certificates to the foreign varsity.

Foreign varsities will ask for the original of your academic certificates such as Degree certificates, WAEC or other professional certificates.

The school can also ask you of other documents such as police character report, medical report and employment letters.

F: IELTS/TOEFL/other tests of English:

If you are not a citizen of any English speaking country or if English is not the official language of learning in your country, then you must write any of these exams if you want to japa.

Most foreign universities will require that you provide any proof of test of English like the English Language Testing System (IELTS) the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or others.

In Nigeria, there are many centres where you can register and seat for any of these tests of English.

For your japa to be sure, you must obtain a certain band score without which you cannot use it to apply.

However, there are some universities that do not require you have these.

Meanwhile, it is rather unfortunate that English is the official language for learning in Nigeria yet Nigerians must write test of English exams to apply for japa.

Nigeria’s government needs to look into how to reach agreement with foreign countries to exempt Nigerians from writing tests of English.

Now that we have digested the documents you must have, share this report and type a comment below.


This report shows you some of the must have documents you need to japa from Nigeria.

Without them, you don’t stand a chance of leaving the shores of this country.

Although your japa can still be successful without some, there are others that are a must.

Do well to read our other japa stories focusing on several issues relevant for your successful japa out of Nigeria.

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