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The CAMON 30 Pro 5G is not just a smartphone; it’s a declaration of advanced technology wrapped in elegance. Spending a week with this marvel revealed its ability to not just keep pace with my lifestyle but to significantly enhance it. Its standout features, from the Sony IMX890 50MP main camera to the MediaTek Dimensity 8200 Ultimate 5G SoC,  set a new standard for what I expect from Mid-Range Smartphones in 2024.


This device redefines the feel of premium in your palms. Its sleek form factor is complemented by an ingenious addition – an IR blaster, allowing me to interact with nearly every electronic device in my home seamlessly. The classic zoom ring design doesn’t just add to its aesthetic appeal but also serves a practical purpose in heat dissipation, showcasing TECNO’s commitment to marrying form with function. The Smart Breathing Light is a subtle yet captivating feature, offering visual cues for notifications in a way that’s both useful and enchanting.
The inclusion of liquid cooling technology ensures that the phone operates at optimal temperatures, even during intensive tasks, adding a layer of efficiency and longevity to its design. 


The 6.78” 144Hz AMOLED display with FOD is a feast for the eyes.  My visual experience was nothing short of spectacular. The fluidity and crispness of the screen, enhanced by Dolby Atmos surround sound, created an immersive entertainment experience that was both auditory and visual. This synergy of high-quality display and exceptional sound technology brought movies, games, and music to life in a way that was deeply engaging.


Equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 8200 Ultimate 5G SoC and a whopping 24GB of RAM (12GB extended) and a memory of 512 gb, the CAMON 30 Pro 5G handled everything thrown at it from intense gaming sessions on CODM WarZone to multitasking with ease.The addition of liquid cooling technology meant that even the most demanding games ran smoothly without any hint of overheating, preserving the device’s peak performance and extending its lifespan. 

I opened endless windows without having to close one for the other. The transition to 5G connectivity felt like stepping into the future, with speeds so fast they were almost imperceptible, transforming my online interactions and content consumption to a whole new level. My download experience was way faster than ever. 



The photography experience with the CAMON 30 Pro 5G was nothing short of professional. The Sony IMX890 50MP OIS Main Camera brought night scenes to life, capturing details and color. I didn’t know were possible in such low light. The optical image stabilization ensured my shots were always crisp, while the AI-powered features like AI Erase allowed me to perfect my images effortlessly.

I didn’t know were possible in such low light. The optical image stabilization ensured my shots were always crisp, while the AI-powered features like AI Erase allowed me to perfect my images effortlessly.

 The front camera, with its 50MP eye-tracking autofocus, redefined selfie clarity, . 

The dual camera feature allows you take pictures simultaneously using both the front camera and rear camera 

This exceptional camera delivers stunning 4K, 60FPS footage when recording your memories memories in breathtaking detail and fluid motion that will captivate your audience. Its cinematic video quality elevates your creative vision, transforming even the most ordinary moments into awe-inspiring content that rivals professional productions. Whether capturing serene landscapes or high-energy events, this device is a game-changer that will help you produce truly remarkable videos.


Despite the powerful performance, battery life was never a concern. The 5000mAh battery, supported by 70W Ultra Charge, meant I was ready to go after just about 90 minutes of charging. This endurance allowed me to push the device to its limits without worrying about my next charge.


HiOS 14, based on Android 14, enriched by the fully functional AI assistant ELLA, made the CAMON 30 Pro 5G more than just a smartphone; it became a smart companion. ELLA’s ability to operate offline and perform a wide range of tasks from privacy keeping to de-stressing activities added a new dimension to my daily interactions with the device.


At 538,000 Naira, the CAMON 30 Pro 5G is positioned as a premium device. Considering the extensive feature set, from its unparalleled camera and display to its groundbreaking performance and unique software capabilities, it represents significant value for those seeking the pinnacle of smartphone technology.


The CAMON 30 Pro 5G is a testament to TECNO’s innovation, offering a seamless blend of performance, photography, and user-centric features. Its design, coupled with the technological marvels it houses, makes it not just a tool but a companion for those who value the cutting edge of technology in their daily lives. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, a tech-savvy professional, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in technology, the CAMON 30 Pro 5G is designed to surpass your expectations, making every moment captured, every task performed, and every interaction experienced a testament to what the future of smartphones looks like.


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