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Amazon Launches Amp, A Live Audio App For DJs

Amazon Launches Amp, A Live Audio App For DJs
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Amazon launches Amp, a live audio app for Disc jockeys (DJs).

It said the audio app will enable DJs of users’ own radio shows.

Amp will provide more content for users to access through Echo smart speakers.

This is coming as many tech companies are rushing into podcast.

Why the rush?

Demand for podcasts and audio contents increased since pandemic and tech companies like Clubhouse, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify and Discord joined the trend.

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They all feature content around live conversations.

How Amp will work:

Amp allows users to launch their own live show, where callers can join and request to speak.

Also, hosts can play music in real time with their audience.

Hosts can also pre-plan and schedule their shows.

DJs can choose from a library of millions of songs licensed by Amazon to play.

What they are saying:

Meanwhile, to further push for this trend, Amazon said the audio app will give users the opportunity to “reimagine radio.”

In the statement by vice president of Amp, John Ciancutti, it said “Amp infuses what listeners love about radio with what’s made possible by today’s technology.”

The VP also noted thus:

“People are looking for an evolution in how they discover and share music.

“Amp is reinventing how fans can go deeper into the experience of live audio.”

He also said that Amp will be “giving the millions of people creating and sharing playlists today a new way to turn their love of music into live shows.”

Meanwhile, Amazon has signed up popular artists like Nicki Minaj, Pusha T and Tinashe to create contents for the audio platform.

Also, it signed up popular social media influencers and radio hosts to create content for the app.

The app is currently available for iPhone in beta, which requires an invitation to join, but people can sign up to join a waiting list for access.


The new audio app by Amazon will provide more audio contents for people to enjoy.


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